Pic of the Week: Bernie Wrightson 1978

Pic of the Week: Bernie Wrightson 1978

Bernie Wrightson NYC Comic Convention 1978

♦ Pic of the Week is a new feature for Tripwire, showing outstanding pieces of art from artists new and old. If you would like to see your work here, send us a link to it, or a scan, and perhaps we can make this feature Pic of the Day….

This picture is an early piece from the 1978 NYC Comic Convention brochure, showing Wrightson’s ghoulish humour. Be patient – it takes some time to load. If you like this and you’d like to see more, head over to Bernie’s new site at http://berniewrightson.com/, where Bernie will eventually have lots of stuff for sale. Perhaps Tripwire could do a career-spanning interview one of these days?


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