Rare Tintin Drawing Makes $500,000 At Auction

Rare Tintin Drawing Makes $500,000 At Auction

Taking Home A Piece Of European Comics History

♦ A very rare ink drawing of Tintin and his dog Snowy by its creator Hergé was sold at auction for an amazing $500,000 in Paris. The BBC website had the details of this auction including some of the other items sold…

A rare India ink drawing of young reporter Tintin and his faithful dog Snowy has been sold for almost $500,000 (£380,000) at auction in Paris.

The image taken from the 1939 comic album King Ottokar’s Sceptre was among a number of items by Hergé, the Belgian artist who created Tintin, to go under the hammer.

An original strip from the book The Shooting Star fetched $350,000.

But a copy of Tintin adventure Destination Moon, signed by US astronauts, failed to find a buyer.

Other items by Hergé on sale at the Paris auction included books, sketches and drawings.

Tintin is one of the most recognisable comic-book characters ever created.

Translated into 90 languages and selling in excess of 200m copies, the cartoons remain popular to this day.

Last year a comic strip from the Tintin book Explorers on the Moon sold for a record $1.64m in Paris.

The same year, a rare drawing of Tintin in Shanghai from the book The Blue Lotus sold for $1.2m at auction in Hong Kong.

BBC Tintin Auction News


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