Doctor Who News: Fewer, Longer Episodes?

Doctor Who News: Fewer, Longer Episodes?

Daily Mirror Cause Whovian Joy or Misery, Depending On Your Point of View

The Mirror Online report:

Doctor Who will have fewer episodes when Jodie Whittaker takes over the lead role next autumn.

The BBC1 series will run for 10 weeks rather than the usual 12 or 13, but each programme will last a full hour instead of 45 minutes.

Excitingly Chibnall (Chris Chibnall’s new name, apparently) has also ordered a new-look police box, a redesigned TARDIS control room and an updated sonic screwdriver. Woo, and Hoo!

An insider explained: “It is traditional for new showrunners to come in and shake things up to stamp their mark on the show and Chris is not doing things by halves. Expect something fresh and brilliant, with more of the stories travelling backwards in time, to interesting historical eras, as well as forwards.” Those being the two directions in time-travel, the sideways one being very restrictive.

So from Eccleston, Tennant, and Smith’s seasons of 13 episodes, plus a Christmas special we went to Capaldi’s 12 episodes plus a Winterval edition. With Capaldi offski at Christmas apparently, he’ll regenerate into Ms Whittaker in the last two minutes and she will promptly lose two episodes. And we will have to wait until they decide when to schedule the show. Where oh where will the Doctor go? With Strictly Come Dancing dominating Saturday nights for the foreseeable (and very unpleasant) future will the next series, like the last, air in the springtime?

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