Flashback February#2

Flashback February#2

Classic Tripwire Images

2016 is an anniversary for Tripwire. It marks the 24th anniversary of the magazine, which began back in 1992.So for the rest of February, we shall be representing some of our classic moments over the past 23 years. Many people who have been visiting the site will probably be unaware of our print history so we thought this would be a good opportunity to get them acquainted with it. So here are six old images (Sean Phillips Invisibles cover, Volume 1 #7 (Sept 1994), Alex Ross Kingdom Come cover, Volume 1#12 (Spring 1996), JH Williams Chase cover, Volume 2#3 (Dec 1997-Jan 1998), Ashley Wood Popbot image, Tripwire x 10 (2002), The Shadow image, Andy Bennett, Tripwire 21, (2013) and The Hunting Party image, Tim Bradstreet, Tripwire 21 (2013) )

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