Spotlight On Portsmouth Comic Con: Cully Hamner

Spotlight On Portsmouth Comic Con: Cully Hamner

Bringing The Hamner Down

♦ Portsmouth Comic Con takes place 5-6 May 2018 and Tripwire is proud to be a part of it. Here is the second spotlight feature on one of its special guests, Cully Hamner…

Cully Hamner is a comic artist who has built up a very impressive reputation since he started working professionally back in the early nineties. He first got noticed on DC’s Green Lantern: Mosaic series and early on in his career, he worked in Atlanta’s famous Gaijin studios with the likes of Adam Hughes, Tony Harris, Brian Stelfreeze and Dave Johnson.

His long career has included a number of highlights but perhaps the two series that he has become best-known for are Wildstorm’s Red, which has been turned into two movies, and the long-running Question series with acclaimed writer Greg Rucka. He has also worked with James Robinson on Starman spin-off The Shade. In an interview for Comic Heroes back in 2012, he revealed that he was almost the regular artist on DC’s awardwinning Starman series:“What’s funny is that Starman is something I almost did. Robinson showed me the first issue script and asked me: ‘would you be interested?’. And he showed me two or three different things and the idiot that I was, I told him: ‘I’ll take Firearm.’ But then Tony [Harris] got on Starman and I wouldn’t have been able to do what Tony did with the book. But it was good to work with James again and we just fell right into the way we do things.”

He has always enjoyed the variety in his career as he said again in the interview for Comic Heroes back in 2012: “I do enjoy the variety. I get antsy, I do like doing substantial projects but I’m just not a guy who stays on something for two years. Probably the longest run that I’ve had on anything was on The Question [in Detective Comics] and that was 12 issues.”

He has worked on a cross section of books for publishers like Marvel and DC on titles like Daredevil, Convergence: The Question, Action Comics  and The Flash.

Most recently, Hamner has been drawing DC’s Batman And The Signal, a three issue miniseries written by Scott Snyder and Tony Patrick.

Hamner has a unique and distinctive style as an artist which has won him many fans over the years. Portsmouth is the first time he has attended a UK comic convention.


Cully Hamner Portsmouth

Tickets are available now for Portsmouth Comic Con. Please visit the website for details on the show

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