The 10 Most Popular Posts On Tripwire 2017

The 10 Most Popular Posts On Tripwire 2017

The Posts That Captured People’s Imagination

♦ Looking back on the past year, we thought it might be interesting for people to know which were the top 10 most popular posts on the site of 2017…

1. Gaiman and Pratchett’s Good Omens Starts Shooting

2. New Featurette From Prison Break Season 5

3. George RR Martin Picks 10 Favourite Fantasy Films

4. John Watkiss Dies

5. Mark Kermode Reviews Star Wars: The Last Jedi

6. The Man In The High Castle Season One Review

7. Artist Jeremy Mann Speaks

8. Trailer For Part Two Of Star Trek: Discovery Season One

9. Making Takashi Miike’s Blade Of The Immortal

10. Previewing Tom Hardy’s Taboo Episode 7

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