10 Things We Learnt From Chadwick Boseman About Black Panther

10 Things We Learnt From Chadwick Boseman About Black Panther

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♦ Marvel’s Black Panther hits cinemas next week and Variety just chatted to Chadwick Boseman who plays T’Challa/ Black Panther. So here are 10 things we learnt from that chat…

1. Boseman has been familiar with the character for a number of years:”I was actually introduced to the character in college. Obviously, I read the comic books. Marvel will provide you with [them]. I wanted to have the experience of going to the store and buying it as opposed to them giving it to me.”

2. He got the role for the film without having to audition but he points out that this isn’t the first time this has happened with their movies:”It’s not that rare. It depends on who you are. I don’t know what everyone else’s experience was. They called me on the phone, and the process started from that.”

3. The actor realised that he needed to watch other Marvel films so he could get a sense of what they were about: “For me to understand what Marvel is doing, you have to watch the Iron Man movies and the Captain America movies. Those were the important ones to focus on.”

4. Boseman sees the film as definitely having the fingerprints of its director on it:”I feel like it’s definitely a Ryan Coogler film. There are certain choices that are made in this movie that are distinctly his stamp on it. I can’t see another filmmaker making those decisions, because they don’t have his background, they don’t have his perspective.”

5. He wasn’t concerned about being too associated with a Marvel film: “I didn’t think I would have that issue, because of the other characters that I played. Those characters are historical figures. I’ve already experienced a time period where I was nobody but Jackie Robinson.”

6. The actor admits that the film could have been directed by a white director: “Well, is it possible for them to make it? It could be, yes. Would they have his perspective, like the perspective [Coogler] brought to the movie? Probably not. It wouldn’t be nuanced in the same way because they don’t have the same conflict.”

7. Wearing the suit threw up a few challenges for the actor even though they have got better since Michelle Pfeiffer played Catwoman:”It’s probably better than when she had her suit. There are some concessions to make it a little easier. But it depends on what you’re talking about. Number two is much harder. Number one is still a hassle.”

8. In fact, it took a number of people to put it on him: “It used to take three people to put it on. We were able to shorten the time period significantly and shorten it just to one. It’s a process of trying to pull this, pull that.”

9. Boseman had to watch what he ate in the run-up to the film:”we had a couple of diets. It went through some stages. At first, I was eating a lot of meat, and then I felt like it was too much for the amount of energy we needed to extend every day. So my diet became more vegetarian as we went along.”

10. The film has been winning plaudits but could it get nominated for best picture?: “I think it’s kind of early to ask that question.”

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Black Panther comes out in UK cinemas on 12 February and in the US on 16 February


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