10 Things We Learnt About Jodie Whittaker And Doctor Who

10 Things We Learnt About Jodie Whittaker And Doctor Who

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♦ The new Doctor Who, Jodie Whittaker, was interviewed by Chrissy Iley by the Sunday Times magazine yesterday and here’s 10 things we learnt about her and Doctor Who…




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1. Whittaker has found her new fame to be pretty easy to deal with so far: “People have been absolutely lovely so far. The other week in Cardiff I could see this little lad plucking up the courage to talk to me so I made it easier, ‘You all right, mate?’ So I know it made his morning. People are lovely, but I am very private.”

2. She does feel like getting the role has moved her up the pecking order: “I think I have been really lucky. Doctor Who definitely puts me on a level where if I go into a meeting I probably don’t have to say what I have been doing for the past few months.”

3. She reveals that she had a code word for talking about the show with her family and agent before it was officially announced: “It was ‘The Clooney’. To me and my husband, George is an iconic guy. And we thought, what’s a really famous iconic name? It was just fitting.”

4. The actress used to watch Doctor Who when she was younger and felt happy at taking on a role in a show that existed before she was even born: “It’s wonderful and I absolutely love it. As a family we didn’t watch it except at other people’s houses. But I was much more aware of it when it came back with Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant and Matt Smith.”

5. She is happy to name her favourite Doctor: “David Tennant, of course because I know him. I think he was amazing. But there is no right or wrong, there are no rules.”

6. Whittaker is the first female doctor and this is very exciting for her, if a little scary: “It feels completely overwhelming; as an actor, as a woman, as a feminist, as a human, as someone who wants to continually challenge themselves and not be boxed in by what you’re told you can and can’t be. I want to tell the fans not to be scared by my gender because this is a really exciting time and Doctor Who represents everything that’s exciting about change.”

7. She has loved film since she was young: “No acting in the family, nothing, just the love of film. I was far too young to watch Jaws, but I did – I loved being exposed to Spielberg and cinematic adventure.”

8. Whittaker is in Journeyman, a film about boxing which comes out the end of the month in the UK with Paddy Considine. It was a very different experience for her, playing a character who is very unlike her: “It’s not like me. It’s quite a graceful strength. She was much stronger than I could be.”

9. Whittaker doesn’t have a social media presence: “I don’t want to know what people think about me. Sometimes when I am really passionate I would love to throw my voice, but perhaps I am too argumentative and would say something immediately offensive.”

10. She admits that she missed some of the hoohah about the BBC’s choice of her as the Doctor: “Well, I’ve missed that good stuff. Who does need a Tardis full of bras?”

To read the whole interview, go to the Sunday Times website Sunday Times

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