10 Things We Learnt About Ram V And Dev Pramanik’s Paradiso

10 Things We Learnt About Ram V And Dev Pramanik’s Paradiso

Creating A New Urban Wasteland?

♦ Image’s Paradiso, created by Ram V and Dev Pramanik, comes out in comic shops tomorrow and here’s 10 things we learnt about it from an in-depth interview that Comicosity did with the pair recently…

  1. Ram V sees the concepts at the heart of series as universal:”The sentiment at the heart of Paradiso is one that is entirely human and common to us all. It’s the search for meaning. And, it layers over all the narratives that we’ll follow as the story of PARADISO unfolds.”
  2. The writer uses aspects of people he has encountered: “I think all my characters take bits and pieces from people I know, or other characters that I’ve read. I do like my characters to evolve through the story. “-Ram V
  3. The writer has a very definite take on how a city differs from our lives: “Compared to a human life, the life of a city is immortal and the weight of that history and personality that a city possesses necessarily has influence on its own people.”
  4. Ram V believes that technology will always be a part of human civilisation: “I don’t think we’ll ever move away from technology. Invention is part of human nature.”
  5. The genesis for Paradiso goes back a few years, Ram V points out: “The idea originally began back before 2012 when my good friend and architect, Rajiv Bhakat and I first came up with the concept behind Paradiso.”
  6. Dev Pramanik definitely had some very specific ideas in mind when he created the look of the city: “with Paradiso, I imagined the way they have built the world around them from the dregs of an old world. When we look at this dystopia, we are looking at the nature of human perseverance.”
  7. The artist drew on a number of different things to influence the look of Paradiso but one other fictional place dominated his thinking: “The design of Paradiso came from many different sources of inspiration. First and very significantly was Neo-Tokyo from Akira. That city was phenomenally designed, and you got to see both the before and the after of the destructive event, so it was pretty much the perfect cityscape for me to draw inspiration from.”
  8. He had a lot of freedom when it came to creating the characters for the series although he did get guidance from the writers:”Ram gave me carte blanche on how the characters should look after we discussed the concept for Paradiso and how the characters should look. Developing the general sense of what passes for clothing in and around Paradiso has been a lot of fun. But for the main characters, we went into a thorough character design phase, based on Ram and Rajiv’s designs for the characters”
  9. The artist admits that it is a very collaborative process between himself and Ram V: “Ram and I work on the layouts together. His scripts are pretty tight but also leave room, in the sense that he breaks down the panels in the page, but I have room to play with them and arrange the panels the way I see fit.”
  10. Pramanik sees the role of the panel in comics in a very defined way: “The most important thing for the artist to capture in a moment is basically the essence of the story being conveyed in the panel. Nothing takes priority over that. Everything that you show has to be in service of the story, namely, the emotion you’re trying to convey about the world/characters.”

To read the full interview, visit Comicosity here


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