10 Things We Learnt From David Harbour About Hellboy And Stranger Things

10 Things We Learnt From David Harbour About Hellboy And Stranger Things

Even Stranger Things Ahead?

Stranger Things‘ David Harbour aka the next Hellboy just made an appearance at the Dubai Film Festival and here’s 10 things we found out about him and how Stranger Things has changed his career from the Hollywood Reporter’s interview…

1. Stranger Things has radically altered his career: “It’s changed my career dramatically. I was never given an opportunity to really stretch my muscles in film in that way and really craft a character. I really had eight hours to craft this guy and his journey and arc and I’d never been given that opportunity, so in that way when I was I really took it by the reins.”

2. He never realised just how big the show was going to be: “I knew it was good and I knew it was special when I saw the first couple cut together at the premiere. For me it was right up my alley as a sort of show but in terms of tapping into the zeitgeist of what people want to watch, I had this idea that we’d become this kind of niche show. But I never imagined that it was cross the boundaries that it has.”

3. Appearing on Stranger Things has given him access to more projects: “now I’m at a place where I have enough money and don’t have to take the roles, and basically what I’m looking for is things likes Stranger Things and hopefully like Hellboy that have entertainment value but also voice to a certain loner perversity that I want to embrace.”

4. The Hellboy shoot has been more demanding than his other jobs: “It’s a very difficult shoot. There’s tremendous prosthetics and makeup, and on top of that there are these stunts that are totally outrageous for a 40-year-old man to be doing!”

5. Hellboy is one of his first action roles:”I’ve done little action stuff. I did a movie with Jamie Foxx that was kind of action and, you know, Jim Hopper’s a little bit action, he does throw a good punch. But in general, this is my first big action movie. The amount of fights and stunt work in this is beyond anything I’ve ever done. And thank god it came in my 40s! It’s insane — nobody wanted to cast me when I was 20 to do this stuff when I could actually have done it, but now they’re like “step up, come on, run around, roll on the ground!”

6. Harbour admits he is an admirer of del Toro’s Hellboy movies: “I’m a fan of those movies, and Guillermo is obviously an extraordinary director and Ron’s an extraordinary actor, and his definition of that role was very iconic. So in terms of approaching it, even when they approached me I was like, why do it? It’s already been done.”

7. He even socialised with former Hellboy Perlman recently: “It was funny because when it came about I reached out to him and I was like, ‘This is weird.’ And he totally understood and knew what was up. And we went out to dinner with my buddy Patton Oswalt, we had a conversation. He’s an amazing guy and super sweet, was wishing me well. And then he says something like, ‘Just have fun.’”

8. He sees Hellboy as being a little bit Shakespearean:”I equate it to Hamlet, a little bit, it’s got a certain Hamlet feel to it. “I am the beast of the apocalypse! Should I become the beast of the apocalypse? To be or not to be the beast of the apocalypse” is kind of the question.”

9. He is active in organisations outside the world of movies too:”I’m very interested in mental illness and in how mentally ill people are perceived. And I think that’s one of the dangerous things that’s also happening in America. I’m classically defined as mentally ill myself.”

10. He isn’t sure if a romance between his character and Winona Ryder’s in Stranger Things is a great idea dramatically: “But Bob just died, so I’m not slipping into her DMs anytime soon. But I will say that there are two things: I love Winona Ryder and I love mess. And I think the mess of Jim Hopper and Joyce together, the romance, the mess, the tragedy, the drama, would be really fun to play and really fun for an audience to watch.”

To read the whole chat visit the Hollywood Reporter here

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