10 Things We Learnt From Patrick Fabian About The Latest Better Call Saul Episode

10 Things We Learnt From Patrick Fabian About The Latest Better Call Saul Episode

Losing His Cool

♦ Better Call Saul season six episode six, Pinata, was on AMC on Monday and Netflix in the UK today and here’s ten things we learnt from Patrick Fabian, who plays Howard Hamlin in the show about this flashback episode. Warning: spoilers ahead if you haven’t seen it


1. Fabian was happy to have Michael McKean back in the show, albeit just for a brief flashback: “It wasn’t really until we came back for season four, when I was standing at the remnants of Chuck’s house where it was just me, Rhea and Bob, that it really hit me that he wasn’t going to be there. And that drove the first couple of episodes, especially that first one, with all of the finger pointing and taking the responsibility for Chuck’s death. So how great was it to shift time and go back and see him? One of my favorite parts of that scene was Kim’s repartee with him, trying to show how smart she is, him pretending to forget the case and her knowing it — all just so he could test her. I thought, oh, there’s the love right there. That’s why I’m partners with Chuck and that’s why I love Kim.”

2. Howard almost feels pity for Jimmy in the flashback scene: “I almost feel bad for him, not because he’s dumb but because the level of care was much less than the rest of us. Somebody doesn’t belong in this picture, and we all know it’s you. And since we already know the stumbling that’s going to occur, it’s sort of worse at that moment because you want to be able to fix it.”

3. The actor sees the purpose of the teaser flashback playing a very specific purpose in the episode: “Somebody was talking about entropy or watching slow-grade disintegration and decay of people, and that’s what it feels like. It feels like whatever you think we have a hold of right now, sliding down the inside of a bucket and there’s nobody to stop it. And that’s sort of the awfulness you often have to play.”

4. Fabian sees the rapid loss of the character’s confidence as an inevitable part of his arc:”I think from the very beginning of the show, Howard’s only been ultimately responsible to HHM, both financially and its reputation. And over the course of three seasons because of the brothers McGill, not because of Howard Hamlin’s actions, that is all been torn asunder and ripped upside down — so much so that Howard had to spend $2 million of his own money out of his personal funds in order to get rid of Chuck. So financially the firm is no longer on good stead. Chuck is gone, so intellectually it is now shaky as well.”

5. He does believe that the company can be rescued: “I believe HHM can be saved. Because I believe that Howard is a good lawyer. He hasn’t had to work it in awhile, but I think he’s much more than a salesman. Just because he knows how to be a salesman, knows how to do a deal and close the deal, doesn’t negate the fact that he is smart.”

6. There is always the possibility that Howard could rehire Kim at HHM at some point: “It’s funny, I tease that one on the Internet all the time because wouldn’t it be fun? “Come back to HHM, we’ll take the M off the wall, and we’ll put the W up.” Because I think that was the plan all the time was to make HHM into HHMW. What a great thing! A sharp lawyer, made in Chuck’s and my image, who’s also a woman. I mean just logistically that’s a win, win, win for the company and she’s a crack lawyer. That’s why I chose her over Jimmy. I would love to have her come back.”

7. Howard has been seen as the villain but he has been shown as someone with a more vulnerable side in this season and Fabian finds this a little amusing: “I think it’s so funny — people said, “I want to give Howard a hug,” “Oh, poor Howard.” All these cry emojis came out after last week’s episode! But I get it. It was nice to think of me as Lord Vader and then have me be deconstructed. I think there’s something to the idea of who are you rooting for?”

8. Even though Chuck’s passing has affected Howard, the actor feels that his death will have a much greater long-term impact on Jimmy: “Howard is showing much more of a display of guilt but I think the ramifications are absolutely going to hurt Jimmy much more. Only because he had so much invested in him, whether he wants to admit it or not, with all the stuff that had been revealed about their childhood that played out at HHM over the last couple of years. Kim’s dealing with it, I’m sifting through it. The only one that is unwilling to change is Jimmy.”

9. This isn’t the last flashback we shall be seeing with Chuck, as the actor reveals: “I’m not speaking out of school when, I say yes, that was not a one-off, which is nice. It’s a weird thing, knowing that we’re getting closer [to the “Breaking Bad” timeline]. That sense of what’s happening. Or as Jonathan Banks told me before, when we got picked up for season three. I called him, and said “We got picked up!” [Doing a Jonathan Banks impression] He said, “That’s very nice Patrick. But remember, we know that I make it to ‘Breaking Bad.’”

10. He does believe that Howard is still there in the Breaking Bad world: “My gut tells me he’s not dead. People love to direct message me and say how do you think he’s going to die. This is just pure imagination, but I imagine that Howard gets involved somehow and get burned one more time — he either removes himself from the situation or just sort of fades away. I don’t see a violent end for Howard. But I don’t know.”


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