20 Days Of Portsmouth Comic Con Limited Tripwire Art Prints Day Fifteen: Tommy Lee Edwards Doctor Who Tripwire Print

20 Days Of Portsmouth Comic Con Limited Tripwire Art Prints Day Fifteen: Tommy Lee Edwards Doctor Who Tripwire Print

Bring Home A Tommy Lee Edwards Doctor Who Tripwire Print From Portsmouth

♦ Portsmouth Comic Con is only three short weeks away and Tripwire will be there selling a selection of books and prints. We shall be selling 20 limited edition (50) A3 prints featuring a selection of classic Tripwire covers and curated art from the likes of Walter Simonson, Dave Dorman, Simon Fraser, Declan Shalvey and Shawn Martinbrough. We shall be previewing one image a day so for day fifteen, here’s Tommy Lee Edwards’ cover to Tripwire Annual 2008 from a decade ago …












Tommy Lee Edwards is an artist and illustrator who has worked for DC, Marvel, Dark Horse, IDW, Image Comics, Lucasfilm and Microsoft. He has worked on Batman Begins for Warner Bros. as well as working on video games starring such iconic creations as Superman and James Bond.
In an interview he did online for Eucantina a while ago, he talked about his love for Star Wars: “Star Wars was actually one of the things that started my obsession with drawing and telling stories. I was four years old in 1977. Like most kids (and adults), seeing Star Wars blew my mind. I would draw pages and pages of stuff and staple them together- Making my own Star Wars books. Some were adaptations of the film, and some were “new” adventures of Luke and Han and the gang.” EU cantina Tommy Lee Edwards interview

He has a very impressive CV that has seen him work for some of the most notable comic companies in the world on books like The Question, Mad Max: Fury Road,

He talked about how he enjoyed working on movies as an artist on films like The Book Of Eli in an interview with comicbookmovie back in 2012: “working as the concept artist on movies like The Book of Eli are wonderful. Working with the film’s director, and helping to shape their vision is an amazing challenge. I love it. I teamed up with Albert Hughes again as I was doing concept art on his live-action version of Akira. Some stuff like this people won’t ever see, though.Comicbookmovie.com Tommy Lee Edwards interview 2012

Currently he is drawing Young Animal/ DC’s Mother Panic. He is also the co-organiser of the North Carolina Comic Con. Lee Edwards is one of modern comics’ most distinctive creators and Portsmouth is proud to welcome him as a guest.

To buy tickets for the show where you will be able to pick up these prints visit here

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