20 Days Of Portsmouth Comic Con Limited Tripwire Art Prints Day Twenty: r.m. Guera Print

20 Days Of Portsmouth Comic Con Limited Tripwire Art Prints Day Twenty: r.m. Guera Print

Grab Yourself An r.m.Guera Print From Portsmouth

♦ Portsmouth Comic Con is only just under three short weeks away and Tripwire will be there selling a selection of books and prints. We shall be selling 20 limited edition (50) A3 prints featuring a selection of classic Tripwire covers and curated art from the likes of Walter Simonson, Dave Dorman, Simon Fraser, Declan Shalvey and Shawn Martinbrough. We shall be previewing one image a day so for day twenty, here’s r.m.Guera’s The Goddamned image which will be available to buy from the Tripwire table at the show


r.m.Guera, real name Rajko Milosevic, is a Serbian comic artist and illustrator. He has lived in Barcelona in Spain since 1991. He made his debut in the Yugoslavian comic industry back in 1982 with the series Elmer Jones, a western scripted by Dragan Savic. He is best known to US comic readers as the co-creator of Vertigo’s acclaimed Scalped with writer Jason Aaron.

Back in 2012, he told an interview with Multiversity how he got into comics: “If you’re asking about why doing this at all — than I really don’t know. Don’t know where it comes from, and what this need to make lines lie so alive and awaken in someone. Musta’ve been something forged too long ago to catch clearly sight of. I’m talking being maybe three-four years old. Although an interesting subject — I never gave it too deep a thought. I don’t know where I’d start. It just is.” Multiversity r.m.guera interview

His influences are pretty varied, he told newsarama back in 2010: “Many, many, many of ‘em, but basically all old guys, old heroes. Sickles and Robbins. Wally Wood and Jack Davis. On European side, Moebius and Franquin as most important, but along with my very early years strong rooted in Joao Mottini, Alberto Breccia and Giovannini. They’re strangers here, I suppose. But don’t feel too bad, as they’re strangers in Europe as well, sorry to say. Regarding style in Scalped, well that’s more influenced by movies, I think. But besides Peckinpah, not flashy ones, eh.” Newsarama r.m.guera interview

His CV also includes Djanjo Unchained for Vertigo and Thor: God of Thunder for Marvel. He has worked most recently with Aaron again on The Goddamned for Image Comics. His unique linework has garnered him fans around the world. Portsmouth is his first trip to a UK convention for a number of years.

To buy tickets for the show where you will be able to pick up these prints visit here

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