4 Things We Learnt From Dominic Cooper About Preacher Season Three

4 Things We Learnt From Dominic Cooper About Preacher Season Three

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Preacher season three started this week and Jesse Custer himself, Dominic Cooper, just spoke to Collider about the new run. Here’s 10 things we learnt about the new season…

  1. The short shooting time is something that the actor doesn’t find a challenge, surprisingly: “I mean, I’m always amazed by it. I think what it is, it’s an incredible crew of people who work extraordinarily hard. And as I’ve always witnessed whenever I work in this country, I’m just like, it’s just mind boggling. But they all do it because they love it, and they love the show, and they care about it and they know that we’re ultimately trying to make something of such high quality in such a short space of time. And the more we’ve got to know our crew in New Orleans and the people there that all know each other so well now, it runs very efficiently and very smoothly.”
  2. The story arc for each season is plotted ahead of time, Cooper reveals: “I went into the writers’ room quite early on. So I kind of got an understanding of where they thought it may be heading. And so I had an idea of which themes we were going to look into, and which characters. But really you have no … And you start to understand it as it unfolds, where it’s going to go. And who’s going to be talked about, and which character becomes the forefront of the storyline. But no, you still … And it also catches up to you so quickly. It’s something, you know, that you’re doing in eight days, every eight days.”
  3. Cooper finds the mix of horror and humour to be something he continues to enjoy: “you can jump from being horrified by the gore and the danger of it, to finding it very endearing and finding the romance in it, and the love and the heartfelt human story. And then the utter, out and out violence. Then the comedy. You know. And I think that that’s exactly …where it really keeps finding itself.”
  4. It is important to make sure that the show doesn’t get too crazy, making it impossible to keep to a realistic shooting schedule, he admits: “The thing you’ve got to be careful about, the more extreme you become and the more outlandish and the more lunacy there is, and the more crazed it becomes, it is hard to put together a schedule where that can be shot in eight days. And I think that that’s the balance. And that’s down to good producing, and kind of just keeping an eye on how far those things can go. And a good balance between writers rooms and creatives and between AD and people on the ground that can understand, fathom, whether we can, whether it’s achievable.”


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