5 Things We Found Out About Ed Piskor And X-Men: Grand Design

5 Things We Found Out About Ed Piskor And X-Men: Grand Design

Designs On Marvel’s Mutant Family

♦ Ed Piskor is the creator of the Hip Hop Family Tree and now he has brought his skills to Marvel and X-Men. Working on X-Men: Grand Design, he chatted to newspaper AM New York and here’s 5 things we discovered about his approach to this series, withe the second issue out this week…

1. Despite the fact that the history of Marvel’s X-Men is huge and labyrinthine, this was a fact that didn’t terrify Piskor: “It’s important to just kind of breathe and take your time and put one foot in front of the other. . . . “X-Men” comics were a constant thing in my life when I was a kid. But when Chris Claremont, the main writer of “X-Men,” went away, I went away. So I guess I’m saying, I have pretty well-versed knowledge in all of that material in a matter of speaking.”

2. The cartoonist has a history of creating indie comics but his path to this series was an interesting and unconventional one:”In some ways a bluff was called. I put a tweet out there into the universe and just said, “Marvel should just let me make whatever kind of ‘X-Men’ comic I want to make.” And they got in touch right away. And they said, “What do you want to do?” And the more I thought about it, I was thinking, you know, this might be the only Marvel comic I ever do.”

3. Piskor has had ambitions to create comics ever since he was little: “I always wanted to grow up and draw comics…growing up my favourite artists were Art Adams and John Byrne because I had access to classic “X-Men” that reprinted the stuff that he did before I was born.”

4. Interestingly, X-Men has thrown up less problems than working on the hip hop book: “I can easily say the hip-hop thing is way more complicated piece of work to put together because so much more is at stake. In a lot of ways, I was playing with real people’s lives. I want to get things right. “X-Men” is fiction, it’s ideas, it’s lines on paper.”

5. Piskor may know what he will be working on next, which could be another Marvel series, but he is being deliberately cagey about what his next project could be: “This is going to take me about another year, year and a half to completely finish. So I don’t want to say anything just yet because some . . . dweeb cartoonist will try to come in and steal my thunder. But, yeah, there is. And the cool thing is about being the entire creative force behind the thing is that I’ll do it no matter what, if I am so inclined.”


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