8 Things We Learnt About DC’s The Green Lantern From Grant Morrison and Liam Sharp

8 Things We Learnt About DC’s The Green Lantern From Grant Morrison and Liam Sharp

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We are eight issues into DC’s hit The Green Lantern series by Grant Morrison and Liam Sharp and here’s 10 things we learnt about their approach to the series from a chat that our friends at SyFy Wire did very recently…

  1. The run is a tribute to the O’Neill and Adams set of stories from the early seventies, Morrison admits: “The idea was, “can we take that ’70s [movement] and do something modern with it?” So the whole idea was to take all of Denny’s vocabulary and for Liam to take those weird things that Neal Adams did that only Liam noticed, and channel that ’70s style, that exploitation from their Green Arrow stories.” Sharp echoes this: “It’s tough to do Neal Adams justice. I didn’t want it to be too slavish but hopefully enough that you know that’s what we were going for. There’s also some [Jack] Kirby stuff… with Xeen Arrow and Glorigold. The crazy stuff. I love it.”
  2. Green Lantern/ Green Arrow was the only seventies cultural reference they were going to nod to as well, as Morrison points out: “I was definitely going for that French Connection, that ’70s ridiculous vibe. The hard thing is to tell a simple story with these archetypes.”
  3. For Sharp, this book was a chance to doff his cap to the comic work of others he has enjoyed over the years, he explains:”It’s paying homage to what we grew up reading, really, and this is a love letter to comics. We were talking earlier and we said it’s like we absorbed America through the TV, through film and comics, but we weren’t there. It was very alien to us, but it was very familiar vernacular. We could all talk about it on the playground but we weren’t actually living it. It’s an observer’s view of Americana from the outside. So I think what Grant is getting at is: “How close are we to getting it right?”
  4. Morrison is very proud of what he has created here, as he is eager to admit: “his is the best arc that Green Lantern’s had for fucking six decades, since Gil Kane! C’mon now! Even if I had nothing to do with it, Liam has secured its place amongst all of modern sci-fi comics coming out every month. We’re doing the best bullshit you’ve ever seen!”
  5. For Morrison, using the older characters and rogues fitted in perfectly with their take on The Green Lantern: “They actually speak to this simulation-ism. There [are] these strong ideas that we’re living in a fantasy, it’s not real, that some evil fucknut must be in charge of it and I think that appeals to some people. What is real? What is illusion? We’re stuck.”
  6. For both creators, it was the fact that no one else had really utilised Hal Jordan to his full potential before: “I couldn’t have thought of a better character and a better artist to do at end of my career. It’s true. You’ll outlive me. [Laughs],” Morrison points out. Sharp echoes this too:”I think we both got to a point where this stuff matters to us, hugely, and comics are a big part of our lives. We’re doing stuff that’s relevant and is part of that ongoing mythology, even though it’s the stuff of your childhood, deciphered from another world that was new to us. We’re both from poor backgrounds; we never imagined in a million years that we’d be getting to do this stuff. It makes for some very interesting thinking, to say the least.”
  7. The idea of creating one issue tales is something that continues to appeal to Morrison, he says. “I have to be fast, I have to be over in a moment. You could spend the rest of your life dissecting every moment of the choices we made to make this piece of art. It’s such a beautiful concept though, isn’t it? It’s so bright and colorful. Hopefully, we’ve convinced people that human beings are that cool. I wish we were that cool.”
  8. The pair are only just halfway through their run and they definitely have specific plans for it as it plays out. Morrison sets out his stall: “We’re trying really hard to entertain the people who read these books. So we have to write things that will totally fucking appeal to their sensibilities [Laughs]. This is next-level superheroes, a 22nd-century kind of thing we’re doing here. It’s a total blast!”

The Green Lantern#8 Morrison and Sharp top 8 interview www.tripwiremagazine.co.uk

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