A First Teaser For Gomorrah Prequel Film Hits

A First Teaser For Gomorrah Prequel Film Hits

Immortal Gangster

Gomorrah prequel film L’Immortale is coming and here is a teaser for it. A few spoilers ahead in the description below…

The film, which will be released in Italy next Christmas by Vision Distribution, is not a stand-alone prequel film, but will actually connect the story to the upcoming season five of the TV series. Gomorrah has previously been creative in its platform storytelling, introducing a VR storyline in-between seasons, but this is the first time a feature film is being used as a segment of the TV series storyline.

The trailer opens right where season three left off. After being shot, Ciro the Immortal (D’Amore) is slowly sinking to his death, to the bottom of the dark waters of the Gulf of Naples.

Ciro’s memories emerge as he sinks further. It’s 1980, his birth year. There are sounds of muffled screams, buildings falling from a terrible earthquake. A baby cries from the ruins. Ciro is the only one from his family to survive.

Ten years later, he has grown into a young boy who has learned to survive the streets of Naples on his own, taught by the criminal underworld. He becomes Ciro Di Marzio, the Immortal.

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