A Look At Some Of The Most Memorable Doctor Who Characters

A Look At Some Of The Most Memorable Doctor Who Characters

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Doctor Who has earned itself a huge following ever since its first production by the BBC in 1963. It’s hardly surprising, especially when considering the science fiction genre and what people want to see from it. Doctor Who simply delivers and its humongous fanbase is a testament to that.

There have been a number of spin-offs to come from the Doctor Who television series also, with a number of toys being made, figurines, books, games, even the odd casino game like those available at casino.com, but also other items like posters, t-shirts, books and all sorts. It’s a simply iconic television show to come out of the UK, with a loyal fanbase.

With Doctor Who’s footprint well and truly laid down, we thought we’d go through some of the most memorable characters from the series over the years and take a look back through the archives at what is one of the world’s favourite television shows.…

Rory Williams

Who didn’t like Rory Williams?! He was a bit geeky, naive and didn’t have a bad bone in his body and was – in some ways – the total opposite to his wife Amy, but he was a much-needed presence on the TARDIS with the Doctor. Rory certainly knew how to calm down his wife and was the voice of reason on plenty of occasions. Special mention must go to Rory’s cracking collection of puffy vests.

Donna Noble

Played by British comedian and actress Catherine Tate, Donna Noble was originally a one-off character who ended up returning to the series at a later date. Feisty and full of heart, Donna cared about the Doctor and brought a very human side out of him, reminding viewers of the comical, fun aspect of the show, especially when it comes to time and space travel.

Wilfred Mott

The aforementioned grandfather of Donna Noble and the Tenth Doctor’s final companion, Wilfred Mott was largely seen as a bit of a head case and perhaps someone who isn’t quite the full quid, but in truth he was incredibly perceptive, intelligent and kind. Arguably his greatest quality of all was his sympathetic understanding as he continually popped up in the Doctor’s life time and time again.

Captain Jack Harkness

Played by the popular television personality John Barrowman, Captain Jack Harkness was flamboyant, flirty and the first major non-heterosexual character in the entire series, which was regarded as a breakthrough for the show at the time. An omnisexual, immortal alien from the Boeshane Peninsula, Captain Jack Harkness is hard to forget.

Romana I

From the Fourth Doctor’s “Key to Time” arc, Romana was the second Time Lord companion of the Doctor and certainly didn’t stand for any of his silliness that would crop up from time to time. Some fans labelled her as the voice of the reason, others perhaps considered her to be a bit of a killjoy, but Romana – especially when she was regenerated into Lalla Ward’s Romana II – had many layers to her character.

The Watcher

The Watcher had the ability to traverse time and space without aid and was the manifestation of the Doctor during the regeneration of his Fourth self into his Fifth. Capable of communication despite being silent, The Watcher is a truly iconic character from the show and one in which many viewers found rather mysterious and spooky.


A temperamental baby who only the Doctor could really understand, Stormaggedon was the son to Craig Owens and was featured in plenty of memorable scenes as the cute but volatile infant grew closer to the Doctor.

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