A Message From ReedPop About 2021

A Message From ReedPop About 2021

The Year In Events From Its Biggest Player

ReedPop has just released a statement about the forthcoming year and here it is…

Greetings, it’s Lance, President at ReedPop.

You’re receiving this because the entire ReedPop team misses you and felt overdue in giving you an update on things in ReedPop land, so here goes…

I want to start by wishing you a Happy New Year and I hope that you had a safe and happy holiday season with your loved ones. Over the break, I spent time reflecting as we often do at the end of each year. I (like all of you) experienced the most difficult and painful ten months of my life. People have lost friends, family members, jobs and more. We had to part ways with colleagues within our organization and say goodbye to beloved events. We miss running live events for you terribly. We’re focused on creating better days ahead, where we can have a positive impact and continue bringing together incredible communities of fans, for all of us.

So what does that look like?
For starters we’re carefully planning a safe return to live events and strongly believe we’ll be able to do so at some point this year. We’ve moved all our live events to the second half of the year, placing bets on the calendar of when a given market will be ready for them. Rest assured, we will not run events until it’s safe and will take every step to assure all participants can be there safely. As a leading events company we have professionals developing protocols to ensure a safe and responsible return to events. You can find our schedule of planned events here

The first half of this year will be filled with a myriad of new digital offerings built on what we learned from you about our digital efforts in 2020. We’ll feature numerous virtual events focused on targeted fan communities. We’re also excited to unveil new products that connect you with fans in new ways and provide access to exclusive digital content. 

While many of you know ReedPop as an event producer, we also run some of the largest video game news, editorial and YouTube destinations out there. Rock Paper ShotgunCosplay CentralDicebreakerEurogamerGamesIndustry.biz and VG24/7 are all ReedPop sites and had record engagement throughout 2020. I’d encourage you to take a look at these platforms and how they might help your business, or your gameplay.  We’re proud of how these sites are guided by some of the most well respected writers, editors, technologists, designers and video personalities in the gaming universe.

Ideally, all these facets fuse with the return to live events and we can show you the creative power of the largest online and offline pop culture company in the world. From 2021 onward our live events will never sell out. Each will have a robust digital companion built on our world leading websites to create events where fans can be there without “being there.” 

Lastly, I feel it is critical to give space to some of the other issues brought to the global forefront this year aside from COVID-19. The historical tragedies have shone a light on systemic inequality amongst marginalized groups and the ugliness and disparity that exists within our society. Whether online or in-person, we remain dedicated to delivering content and experiences that reflect the beautifully diverse communities we serve and to build safe spaces for every single one of you.

We’re super privileged to work with all of you. We’ve shifted and adjusted at ReedPop and are eager to show you what we’ve learned through these challenging times. Together we’ll get through this and build something new and vibrant.

I want to hear from you, so don’t hesitate to let me know how you’re doing, what you need, ideas you have or how to make the perfect martini or sourdough starter. 

I hope to see you soon and stay nerdy,

Lance Fensterman
President, ReedPop

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