Action Comics #1000 Variants Show Superman Over The Years

Action Comics #1000 Variants Show Superman Over The Years

Speeding Towards His 80th Birthday

Action Comics#1000 comes out on 18 April and DC has just announced a series of variants that will reflect the Man of Steel over the years. So thanks to DC’s own website here they are…

With Action Comics speeding toward its landmark 1,000th issue on Superman’s 80th anniversary (18 April), yesterday DC revealed a series of variant covers for this must-have issue, capturing the look and feel of the Man of Steel throughout different eras of his 80-year run.

Some of comics’ most prolific artists will be lending their considerable talents to celebrate Superman’s incredible impact on comics, literature and popular culture through these variant covers:


1940s by Michael Cho (BATMAN BLACK AND WHITE)

1950s by Dave Gibbons (WATCHMEN)

1960s by Michael Allred (BUG!: THE ADVENTURES OF FORAGER)

1970s by Jim Steranko

1990s by Dan Jurgens (ACTION COMICS) and Kevin Nowlan (HAWKMAN: FOUND)

2000s by Lee Bermejo (LUTHOR)

(Not Shown: 1980s cover by Joshua Middleton)


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