Amazon Runs A New Promo For Hanna’s Second Season

Amazon Runs A New Promo For Hanna’s Second Season

Infiltrating A Shadowy Organisation

Hanna is coming back for a second season soon on Amazon Prime and they have just released a new promo for it so here it is from TV Promos …

US Air Date: 3 July 2020
Starring: Esme Creed-Miles, Dermot Mulroney, Mireille Enos
Network: Amazon Prime Video
Synopsis: Welcome to the Meadows, a secret conditioning school where assassins are trained to go undercover as everyday teenage girls. But a former test subject, Hanna, returns to infiltrate the facility and put an end to this shadowy organisation. They took her father. They took her identity. But can they stop her? Watch the official trailer now for Hanna. New Season 3 July, only on Prime Video.

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