An Important Announcement About Tripwire Spring Special 2020

An Important Announcement About Tripwire Spring Special 2020

Responding To The Repercussions Of The Current Situation

With what is happening around the world, we just had to put something up regarding what is going on…

When we started to plan this, none of what has occurred in recent weeks would have even been something any of us would have considered. But we decided to still launch our indiegogo Tripwire print campaign on Sunday 16 March regardless.

So a week in and it is looking very likely that, for clear reasons, we’ll have to postpone. Our plan at the minute is to carry on regardless and see where we are on 11 May. We have been very chuffed that people have already supported us on Indiegogo and we would be grateful if people continued to support us. But equally we understand if people, many of whom have no idea where their next penny is coming from and if they even have a job going forward, have to focus on more pressing matters. Many retailers are struggling and some have closed in the short and long term so Diamond orders are likely to be very small too. Whatever we get in from indiegogo we shall be placing into the kitty and using for the future issue if we do put the launchback. We don’t want to, obviously, but equally obviously events are moving very quickly right now. So, that’s the plan; carry on to May 11th, see where we are, adjust accordingly.

Taking it a few weeks at a time just like everyone else. Thanks for reading this and if people want to support us on indiegogo here’s the url

People can also still order it from their local comic shop too and if they do want to support them too, here’s the item code MAR202164

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