Annet Mahendru Talks The Walking Dead: World Beyond To Tripwire

Annet Mahendru Talks The Walking Dead: World Beyond To Tripwire

Welcome To The World Beyond

The Walking Dead: World Beyond is the second spin-off series from The Walking Dead, which starts on 4 October and Tripwire’s editor-in-chief Joel Meadows spoke to one of its stars Annet Mahendru about the new show…

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TRIPWIRE:   How do you come onboard Walking Dead: The World Beyond?
I was asked to read for the creators and the rest is history 😉

TW: How hard is it coming onto a show that is related to two hit shows that has existed previously?
AM: You gotta be the best actor in town 🙂

TW: Are you a viewer of both of the other shows?
I have seen bits and pieces throughout my whole life it seems. When I was younger I was more brave to watch it, now I am brave in a whole different way… I am in it! 

TW: How much can you tell us about your role in the show?
My character is a bit in the shadows for very good reasons. She is a strong silent warrior type. So we will learn more about her as the season unfolds. 

TW: And how much can you say about the show in general?
World Beyond is going to shake some serious things up in the famous Walking Dead Universe. It’s a whole new platform for what to make of the world as it is. It fits our modern circumstances quite well, I must say. 

TW: With what’s going on in the world currently, is it strange to be part of a show which reflects a little bit on what is happening in the real world?
It just shows that there is still so much to be covered in the Walking Dead Universe. And that is precisely what World Beyond is going to do! 

TW: This is designed as a two-season show. Is this part of what appealed to you as an actor?
I love limited series. They come and go with a bang. 

TW: The other two Walking Dead shows are very much ensemble pieces. Is the World Beyond like this too?
Absolutely. We can’t possibly accomplish anything solo in this world. You need an endless amount of perspectives to cover the ground fully so that you can actually get somewhere. 

TW: You have a brown belt in Karate. Were you able to put this to use at all when making the show?
I got to be super physical in my professional life for the first time ever, which is very different than street fighting or studio fighting, obviously. It’s a whole new way of fighting, really. Especially since we have a whole new set of weapons on our show. It was still a big learning curve, and thankfully so. It definitely helped to be a trained fighter, because I have the flow and the control. The fight coordinator and trainer were a lot of fun to work with as we created moves based on Huck’s killer attitude and luckily I had a high level of competence to match that. 

TW: In terms of stunts as The Walking Dead is a show that deals with action, did you do many of your own stunts?
I am adamant about having an experience when I act, you can’t truly have it if you are faking it in any way. So I did my stunts to the best of my ability at the time, it was very exhilarating and I was really sore but I felt I was the character in her entirety. I got to collaborate with Steven Ho who is an exceptional Martial Artist and has crafted some awesome moves on the original show. Once we start prep for season 2, I plan to do a great deal of more specified training. Huck’s no joke! 

TW: It is a very different show to those you have done before like The Americans. How much did you enjoy the contrast working on The World Beyond? 
When there is great writing and a great world, an artist can live wholly in their creativity and fully exercise their imagination. It is the most beautiful alchemy. I was lucky to have this experience with both Nina and Huck. In that way, these two very different women are very much alike. 

The Walking Dead: World Beyond starts on AMC on 4 October

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