Artist Creates Horror Versions of Harry Potter Book Covers

Artist Creates Horror Versions of Harry Potter Book Covers

Harry Potter: As You’ve Never Seen Him Before

♦ Concept artist and illustrator Dylan Pierpont who is, to paraphrase Clive Barker’s Lord of Illusions, definitely drawn to the dark side. His illustrations and concept art are dark and fantastical, fascinatingly blending the macabre with the beautiful, grotesque with precision…

Recently, Pierpont aimed his talents at one of the most beloved literary series of all time: Harry Potter. Pierpont created a horror-themed cover for each of the seven books in the series, taking some element from each story and using it as the foundation of the presentation. What he has created is a 7-piece series that takes the stories that many of our visitors grew up with and lends them a sinister, demented edge.

You can see the full series below and I definitely suggest that everyone should take a look at Pierpont’s official website to see what other kinds of art he’s created.

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