Award-Winning Illustrator Steve Ellis Launches Monster Playing Card Series on Kickstarter

Award-Winning Illustrator Steve Ellis Launches Monster Playing Card Series on Kickstarter

Welcome To Thornclaw Manor

Steve Ellis, artist of the popular The Only Living Boy and High Moon graphic novel series, has gone to Kickstarter for his Thornclaw Manor Monster Family Playing Card Decks. Ellis, a comics illustrator and a fantasy artist for games like Dungeons and Dragons and Magic the Gathering, is using his formidable talents to bring a new world of fantastic creatures into our world…

“Thornclaw Manor is a passion project that has been filling my sketchbook in between my comics and illustration work. It was born a few years ago while watching Downton Abbey with my wife,” Ellis remarked. “I sketched a period Cthulhu-like character – no reason, no client, just sketching. Then I made him a brother, and a mother, and then more and more family members….and the world of Thornclaw Manor was born.”

The Thornclaw family is an ancient clan of monsters and creatures from myths and legend that live in a sprawling mansion that lies somewhere between our world and the world of myths and legends. The Family members themselves are Fairies, Demons, Cryptids, Lovecraftian Creatures who live a rather civilized existence in their giant manor.

“The series comes out of my love of myth, creepy fantasy, and the period of Spiritualism in the early 20th and late 19th centuries, books like Pride and Prejudice, the writings of H.P. Lovecraft, Poe, and Arthur Machen, real life characters like Harry Houdini, The Fox sisters, my fascination with the occult, and the creepy dark woods of my upstate NY home,” Ellis adds.

This Kickstarter consists of beautifully illustrated playing card decks, prints, and original art.  The cards will be official poker deck size on 300g grey core card paper, glossy finish, spot foil, and packaged in a lovingly illustrated deck box with each facecard, ace, and joker a lavishly illustrated work of art. The prints will be 5×7 on archival paper matted to fit an 8×10 frame.  Original art is as described below. The funds from this Kickstarter will go to printing enough decks and prints to fulfill my printers’ minimums and for adding silver foil to the cards. If you purchased one of the decks from my test print run at Gen Con, expect to find some additions and upgrades.  

Thornclaw Manor Playable Card Set kickstarter

To see a preview of the Kickstarter and become a backer, visit:

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