Chris Ryall Leaves IDW Publishing Updated

Chris Ryall Leaves IDW Publishing Updated

Chief Creative Officer Moves On

♦ Chris Ryall, who has been at IDW for 14 years, has just announced that he is stepping down from the company. Thanks To Heidi at The Beat last night for tipping us off. Here’s his email to the staff at the company…

“Through it all—through the deadline craziness, market fluctuations, assorted business challenges, social-media storms, new faces, new projects, and new challenges—it’s all served as a constant reminder how lucky I’ve been to contribute to this industry that I love so much. And I plan to keep making contributions outside these walls. But for now, I’m stepping aside to take a break, get off the never-ending-deadline train and see what new challenge makes the most sense as my next move. It might seem short at times, but 14 years is a long time to do anything — I’ve certainly never done anything else in my life for this amount of time.
There’s not enough time or space to catalog the various successes that have happened here in that time and really, there’s no need — they’ve all been parts of a whole that has made this place such a thrill to work at for as long as I have. The successes and fun vastly outweighed the stresses, which is really a testament to the place that Ted and Robbie and company built in the first place. I’m appreciative as can be for all the opportunities IDW has afforded me. It’s just time to figure out my next move, that’s all.
I remain excited about comics, about creating, and about giving people good reasons to keep reading and, separately, about seeing everything IDW is going to do next. I first noticed IDW’s books in its earliest days, impressed by the care and uniqueness that those early titles offered, so it’s been a thrill to join all of you to build things out in an even bigger way. And I look forward to once again being able to experience IDW’s output with a fresh eye.”

It was apparently Ryall’s choice to leave IDW and we don’t know currently what he will be doing next. We at Tripwire wish him all the best whatever he does next.


Updated with an official statement from CEO Greg Goldstein:

“Chris Ryall has been an essential part in making IDW what it is today. His contributions cannot be overstated and have made an everlasting mark on the company for the better,” said Goldstein. “We will miss him, not only for his editorial leadership, but his friendship as well. We wish him the best in his future endeavors!”

There have been a lot of changes at the company recently with PR manager Steven Scott leaving and its co-founder Ted Adams moving from publisher to CEO.

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