Comic Artist Tom Lyle Dies

Comic Artist Tom Lyle Dies

Goodbye To A 1990s Comic Mainstay

The sad news reached us yesterday that comic artist Tom Lyle, who drew Spider-man and Robin, has just died at the age of 66. Here’s his obituary courtesy of our friends at newsarama…

Artist Tom Lyle has died at the age of 66, confirmed by the Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD).

Lyle is perhaps best known for drawing three Robin limited series alongside writer Chuck Dixon as well as co-creating Stephanie Brown/Spoiler for DC, and for designing Scarlet Spider’s hoodie and tights costume for Marvel Comics. In recent years, Lyle has acted as a professor and Internship Coordinator at SCAD.

In October, Lyle underwent surgery to remove a blood clot in his brain following an aneurysm and resulting medically-induced coma.

Longtime Spider-Man writer Dan Slott mourned Lyle on Twitter, saying “Sorry to hear that legendary Spider-Man artist, Tom Lyle has passed away. Tom’s work on both Spidey and the Scarlet Spider were epic. That Scarlet Spider design, Tom’s design, will always be an amazing touchstone for Spidey fans like me and all generations past, present, & future.”

Lyle is survived by his wife Sue.

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