DC Rebirth Spoilerrama

DC Rebirth Spoilerrama

Alan Moore in ‘Head Explosion’ Shocker

DC Afterbirth Rebirth has been completely spoiled by an evil combination of Reddit, Bleeding Cool, and Newsarama, we can exclusively reveal today. The publicity assault was anathema to DC Comics, who innocently sent out advance copies of the title to anyone a selected few embargoed comic news outlets. Inevitably one bad apple spoilt it for everyone, and now it’s all out there. So beware – SPOILERS. Big creepy ones like spiders: DON’T SCROLL DOWN!

The three Jokers

OK, I guess we’re alone now…


1 Wally West (the caucasian one)

1 Legion of Superheroes

1  JSA

1 Romance between Green Arrow and Black Canary

1 Marriage – Aquaman and Mera

1 Brother for Wonder Woman

2 Atoms (Ryan Choi and Ray Palmer)

2 Blue Beetles (Jamie Reyes and Ted Kord)

3 Jokers (Golden Age, Killing Joke, and Scott Snyder’s recent face chopping variety)

God knows how many Supermen/women. New52 Supes probably dead, pre-New52 Supes taking over, Chinese Super-man is go, Super-Lois is go. There may be others…

And a partridge in a pear tree.

DC Universe: Rebirth #1


Pandora. Not before time, dissolved like Rorschach…


DC Universe: Rebirth #1

Everything that just happened. Flash isn’t responsible for Flashpoint. Not to put too fine a point on it, Dr Manhattan is.  Yes, Watchmen is being beaten for content like a government mule. That is Alan Moore you can hear at this very moment…














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