Damon Lindelof’s Letter To Fans About His HBO Watchmen Show

Damon Lindelof’s Letter To Fans About His HBO Watchmen Show

Showrunner Sets Out His Stall For Moore And Gibbons’ Adaptation

♦ Earlier this week, Damon Lindelof wrote an open letter to fans to explain his approach to his Watchmen series for HBO…

He explained that actually it won’t be an adaptation but something else:

“First and foremost, if you are angry that I’m working on Watchmen, I am sorry. I have an immense amount of respect for [Watchmen co-creator] Alan Moore. He is an extraordinary talent of mythic proportion. I wrote him a letter, parts of which are not dissimilar to this one, because I owed him an explanation as to why I’m defying his wishes [in working on the series].”

He went on to give a little more detail about the show:

“Some of the characters will be unknown. New faces. New masks to cover them. We also intend to revisit the past century of Costumed Adventuring through a surprising, yet familiar set of eyes…and it is here where we’ll be taking our greatest risk. Risk is imperative. I need the feeling in my stomach before I leap from a great height without knowing the depths of the water below. If my body should shatter upon impact, at least it was in pursuit of glory.”

He ends the letter by stating that “I deeply care about what you think. Which brings us, Thank God, to the end of the missive. Endings. I’m GREAT at them.

A wise, blue man once said that nothing ever ends. But maybe he wasn’t wise. Maybe he was just scared and alone and sad that he would outlive everything and everyone he ever loved. So I hope this isn’t the last time we correspond, fellow fans…after all, it’s just a pilot and we don’t want to get ahead of ourselves.”

Of course, Watchmen was adapted into a film by Zach Snyder back in 2009 so we shall see if his interpretation of Moore and Watchmen’s series makes it to a full season.

Here’s the letter he wrote in full from his Instagram

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