Danay Garcia On Fear The Walking Dead

Danay Garcia On Fear The Walking Dead

Coming Full Circle

Danay Garcia who plays Luciana in Fear The Walking Dead just spoke to amc.com about how Polar Bear’s mission has come full circle

Q: This season, we’ve seen the group struggle with the idea of redemption. Is that something Luciana relates to?  

A: She’s always seen the bright side of everything – even after losing Nick and the most important things. It’s not her nature to go on a path of revenge, but she understands the field she’s standing on. That’s what I love about her. She’s bright enough not to go on the “dark side,” but she understands what it’s like to survive in the darkness. I always pay attention to that with this character. She knows when she’s in a dark place and needs to get out. Helping people is right up her alley, but she also understands when it doesn’t work and when helping is sometimes not the way forward. At the end of the day, it’s all about being effective.

Q: It was Luciana who had that chance meeting with Polar Bear, which ultimately sparked a new purpose. What’s it like for her to see how fully the group has embraced it?

A: It’s so refreshing to see how the journals come full circle. Sometimes a stranger can really change our lives just by saying a couple of things. This is a great example of how far along you can go if you’re open to receive. Luciana was so open to receive that – all through this random man who just wanted a beer before he died. She got that treasure and this man was able to see her light. Acts of kindness go a long way and Season 5 justifies that. The treasure is in front of you, but it doesn’t always have the branding that you want it to have. It’s been a beautiful thing to explore.

Q: Does her personal connection to Polar Bear make the rivalry with Logan different for her than the others?

A: She’s able to see the light that’s so deep inside, but she also sees the darkness that covers him. It’s important to see both sides of this story and what made him go in a different direction. She’s able to see through him and understand. All of this is not perfect, but it’s worth a try – and that’s the trust and hope that he lost. It’s being vulnerable with what comes along with this choice.

Q: In Episode 13, Logan has found the oil refinery. What was it like filming such an explosive (literally) episode?

A: Oh my gosh. First of all, as you know, Texas is really hot. Plus, the heat of that fire… It was really empowering to see the extremes that she’s able to go through. I’ve been doing this show for a few years now and we’ve been to many extraordinary locations, but this one was so special. Our Production Designer, Bernardo Trujillo, did such a beautiful job to really create this world – the oil, the heat, the burning. In a way, it’s like how the characters feel inside. We’re all burning and in such high stakes. All of that fire is inside of each character. Oil can be used as gas for transportation or it can go in a completely different direction. That’s what the location represented for me. I was surrounded by what was already going on inside of this character. It was a great metaphor.

Q: Episode 13 also introduces a new character – Virginia, who makes quite the entrance. What was your reaction to Colby Minifie’s introduction and her posse?

A: I saw this group of people on top of horses, beautifully put together, and the hats, the colors… I was so impressed. Again, this is a show I’ve been doing for a while now and it was not at all predictable. It was mysterious. I love when new characters are introduced because it’s an opportunity to create with us. You want to know how they see this world. I always say, “Welcome to the apocalypse!” Colby is such a sweet heart. She carries such grace and an appreciation for the arts and storytelling. It was a joy to see her do what she does.

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