Dark Horse Announces Rose City Comic Con 2018 Programming And Autograph Schedule

Dark Horse Announces Rose City Comic Con 2018 Programming And Autograph Schedule

Dark Horse Heads To Rose City

♦ Rose City Comic Con starts today in Portland and here’s Dark Horse’s programming and autograph schedule…

Visit Dark Horse Comics at BOOTH #711 at RCCC for free swag, such as comics, pins, postcards, and more! Check out our signings and panels too


All creators signing in our booth offer their autographs for FREE. FREE prints, comics, or posters are provided for most of our signings (while supplies last). You may purchase or bring items to be signed; however, we may restrict the type or number of items to be signed as necessary.

Lines may also be closed for some signings due to crowding or time restrictions.

All events are subject to change. Some restrictions apply. Please see Dark Horse Comics staff if you have questions.


1:00 pm–2:00pm        SOUPY LEAVES HOME: Cecil Castellucci

2:00pm–3:00pm         COLDER, BANDETTE, PLANTS VS ZOMBIES: Paul Tobin

3:00pm–4:00pm         GOD OF WAR, WITCHFINDER: Chris Roberson

4:00pm–5:00pm         HARROW COUNTY, B.P.R.D.: Tyler Crook

5:00pm–6:00pm         SHAOLIN COWBOY: Geof Darrow

6:00pm–7:00pm         TBA: Jim Gibbons and Nikos Ridge

7:00pm–8:00pm         BEDTIME GAMES: Kelly Fitzpatrick


12:00pm–1:00pm         FIGHT CLUB 2, AMERICAN GODS: David Mack

1:00pm–2:00pm           HELLBOY: Mike Mignola

2:00pm–3:00pm           STRANGER THINGS, STARCRAFT: Jody Houser

3:00pm–4:00pm           JOE GOLEM: Patric Reynolds

4:00pm–5:00pm           LOBSTER JOHNSON: Stephen Green

5:00pm–6:00pm           ALIENS VS PREDATOR, PREDATOR: Brian Thies


12:00pm–1:00pm            STRANGER THINGS, STARCRAFT: Jody Houser

1:00pm–2:00pm              USAGI YOJIMBO: Stan Sakai

2:00pm–3:00pm              ROCKET ROBINSON: Sean O’Neill

3:00pm–4:00pm              PLANTS VS ZOMBIES: Ron Chan, Paul Tobin


Please join us at the panels below, brought to you by Dark Horse Comics and friends! Please visit https://rosecitycomiccon.com/programming-schedule/ for more panels featuring Dark Horse creators and guidelines for attending panels.


4:30pm–5:30pm:               Spotlight on Mike Mignola (Panel Rm 3)

5:00pm–6:00pm:               Peeling Back the Layers–How Colorists and Letterers Make Comics Magic Happen (Panel Rm 4)

It takes a team to bring a comic book to life, and that team extends beyond the writer and artist. Colorists and letterers are often the magicians behind the curtains whose finishing touches are what breathes life into the finished product. A colorist adds depth, tone, and dimension to the story unfolding on the page, while a letterer guides the reader smoothly through the story. Dark Horse would like to peel back the layers on the work of comics’ unsung heroes and celebrate their contributions to our beloved art form.


11:00am–12:00pm:             Thirty Years of Dark Horse Manga (Panel Rm 4)

2018 marks Dark Horse’s 30th anniversary of publishing manga! From last year’s Eisner-nominated Wandering Island, to legendary series Lone Wolf and Cub, Berserk, Blade of the Immortal, Astroboy, and Oh My Goddess!, to contemporary titles such as I Am a Hero, Fate/Zero, Danganronpa, Drifters, and Hatsune Miku, we’re proud to release a wide spectrum of works from Japanese creators. Join Dark Horse editor Carl Horn for a look at the past, present, and future of manga at Dark Horse!

1:00pm–2:00pm:                  Felicia Day: Queen of Geek (Panel Rm 1)

1:00pm–2:00pm:                  Spotlight on David Mack (Panel Rm 8)

2:00pm–3:00pm:                  Spotlight on Geof Darrow (Panel Rm 8)

3:00pm–4:00pm:                  Across the Editor’s Desk: A Day In The Life Of Comics’ Unsung Heroes (Panel Rm 4)

Have you always wondered what a comic book editor does? Do you think you have what it takes to become a comics industry professional? Dark Horse wants to give you insight on breaking into the industry and working with a powerhouse publisher! Join Dark Horse editors for a rare behind-the-panels look at the secrets to breaking into the industry and building successful comic and graphic novel programs.


12:00pm–1:00pm:                   Growing Up with Comics: Introducing Younger Readers To Graphic Storytelling (Panel Rm 4)

Comics are a great way to get kids interested in art, reading, and storytelling—and, well, they’re fun! Join Cecil Castellucci (Soupy Leaves Home), Amy Mebberson (Disney Ralph Breaks the Internet: Click Start—A Select-Your-Story Adventure), and Stan Sakai (Usagi Yojimbo) to discover and discuss the ever-growing library of incredible all-ages comics!

2:00pm–3:00pm:                   Making Comics for Kids Panel (Rm 4)

3:30pm–4:30pm:                  Spotlight on Jody Houser Panel (Rm 7)

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