David Lloyd’s Aces Weekly Volume 31 Launches

David Lloyd’s Aces Weekly Volume 31 Launches

Shuffling The Deck

♦ British digital anthology Aces Weekly returns for a new volume this week and here are a few details on it…

Award-winning Aces Weekly brings you top talent from across the globe in an exclusively digital-delivery weekly comics magazine from David Lloyd – the guy who brought you V For Vendetta!
Aces Weekly, Volume 31 is about to start its 7-week run in what can be a very stressful time. Sure, it should be peace and goodwill all the way… but we all know how that can go!
Our readers can grab a breather from any such troubles by taking an Aces Weekly coffee break every week, to catch up on the happenings in our special world. We’re their own personal comics section – a cyberspace version of what all the newspapers used to have more of before they sacrificed it to the need for more advertising. We don’t do advertising here, we just do great entertainment – and here’s the line-up of our latest..
David Brana and Olga Carmona return to us with another murder mystery set in their very elegant and atmospheric Victorian London, and this time they’re putting a new set of clothes on an old character to take the stage alongside
Lady Enigma…

The blackly comic saga of life in the suburbs that Paul Rainey constructs with merciless attention to detail comes back in Why Don’t You Love Me..?
And the story of the weirdest hit persons ever created continues, courtesy of their creators, Roberto Corroto and Ertito Montana, in the extraordinary and bizarre adventures of Sicarios…

The fabulous homage to British 70s TV and the world of Hammer Horror that was conjured by Martin Hayes and Alfie Gallagher in Vol 21, returns with a renewed thirst for blood in The Gentlemen Ghouls…

Plus our regular fantastic fantasy epic from two of the finest, brightest, and most prolific Aces we have the pleasure to publish – Jok and Santullo – rolls out, with more amazing art and story, in another instalment of the Dungeons And Burglars series, The Big Hit : Part 7…

And the most minimalist sf adventure in comics continues in fine style from the uncompromising, Chris Geary, in Kora…

Aces Weekly is a non-paper ( we just don’t need it ) comic art magazine of up to 200 pages that is exclusively designed for tablet, laptop, desktop, and smart tv, and goes directly to subscribers for just £1 per week, in any currency!
Freedom from the unnecessary expenditure of print, distribution and retail, means we can publish at a lower cost, charge less for our product than a paper equivalent, and give a much greater percentage of income from our sales to our creators than a paper product of equal content.
Whenever and wherever you’re connected, we’re at your service at the touch of a button, with original serials, short stories, and heaps of Extras, from the planet’s top talent!
Contributors thus far include some of the most well-known names in comics creativity, including…

David Lloyd, John McCrea, Phil Hester, Mark Wheatley, JC Vaughan, Herb Trimpe, James Hudnall, Val Mayerik, David Hitchcock, Dan Christensen, Dave Hine, Henry Flint, Paul Maybury, Shaky Kane, Yishan Li, Marc Hempel, David
Leach, Batton Lash, Rachael Smith, Phil Elliott, Fred Fordham, Jeff Anderson and Dylan Teague.
Subscribe at www.acesweekly.co.uk for just £1 per week ,in any currency supported through Paypal, to enjoy a weekly trip into great entertainment!
And/or buy any of our massive Previous Volumes via our website, or at Comixology for Volumes 1-18!
If you’d like to know more, or want to hear from any of our creators at Aces Weekly, get in touch with David Lloyd, at [email protected] or via [email protected]
And you can find us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/acesweekly


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