David M Barnett And Martin Simmonds Talk Black Crown’s Punks Not Dead

David M Barnett And Martin Simmonds Talk Black Crown’s Punks Not Dead

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♦ At Thought Bubble up in Leeds last weekend, Tripwire editor-in-chief JOEL MEADOWS spoke to David M Barnett and Martin Simmonds, co-creators of Black Crown Pub’s Punks Not Dead comic series…

This is what David M Barnett had to say about the new series on his blog:

So, PUNKS NOT DEAD. No apostrophe in PUNKS, for good reason. One, that’s the title of the song by The Exploited. Two, it’s about a punk rocker who should be dead, but isn’t quite. And he’s not the only not-quite dead punk who’s going to be showing up in this title, hence PUNKS, plural.

So who’s our debut punk? None other than Sid Vicious. His ghost has been trapped at Heathrow airport for 40 years, after his mum dropped his ashes there back in 1979 after bringing his cremated remains back from New York. But when Sid meets lonely, bullied, outsider teen Feargal “Fergie” Ferguson at the airport, suddenly he’s not stuck at Heathrow any longer… he’s stuck to Fergie.

Cue much hilarity, as Fergie tries to navigate life back in his hometown of Preston, Lancashire, with a dead punk only he can see or hear in tow. But there’s trouble afoot… Sid and Fergie aren’t stuck together by accident, and the Department for Extra-Usual Affairs, a quirky (to say the least) British secret service department headed by irascible Dorothy Culpepper and new recruit Asif Baig are taking an interest, then there’s Fergie’s burgeoning mysterious powers, and the vexed question of who his absent father really is.


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