David Mazzuchelli Talks Creating Comics

David Mazzuchelli Talks Creating Comics

A Master Of Comics Storytelling Shares His Insight

David Mazzuchelli was artist on two of modern US superhero comics’ most regarded runs, on Daredevil and Batman, Born Again and Year One respectively. Here’s a fascinating video of him talking to people at the NY School Of Art And Design, filmed by NerdNews Today…

Check out this panel from FanFaire NYC 2020, as David Mazzucchelli breaks down storytelling for comics. Best known for his work on the “Daredevil: Born Again” run and “Batman: Year One” among other titles, Mazzucchelli talks about the fundamentals for creating narratives in comics with words, pictures, design and more.

This is an excellent must-watch panel for anyone who wants to get into comics, animation, and any form of creativity! This was filmed during FanFaire NYC 2020 at the NY High School for Art & Design, and was intended for students advancing towards college and/or careers in comics.

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