DC And Marvel Artist Steve Ellis Invites You Back to Thornclaw Manor

DC And Marvel Artist Steve Ellis Invites You Back to Thornclaw Manor

More Adventures At The Manor

Following the success of his 2019 launch of The Thornclaw Manor Illustrated Poker Deck, award-winning illustrator Steve Ellis (The Only Living Boy, High Moon) invites you to help expand the Thornclaw Manor universe with The Thornclaw Manor Illustrated Poker Deck and Art Book

The Thornclaw family is an ancient clan of monsters and creatures from myths and legend that live in a sprawling mansion that lies somewhere between our world and the world of myths and legends. The Family members themselves are Fairies, Demons, Cryptids, Lovecraftian Creatures who live a rather civilized existence in their giant interdimensional manor,Think of it as Downton Abbey, but with a monstrous spin. They have come home to the Manor because the Dowager, the ancient and horrible matriarch of the family claims to be dying, and the family members hope to be named the sole beneficiary of her fortune and her Elder-Godlike power.

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Steve Ellis has been a fantasy illustrator and comics artist for 25 years. A Harvey Award-winner and co-founder of the creative studio Bottled Lightning, Steve has illustrated works for Blizzard and for Wizard of the Coast (Dungeons & Dragons) in addition to Marvel and DC. Most recently, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, he has been hosting free Monster Art School drawing classes online for youth and adults, which you can find on his Facebook page. 

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