DC Nation Sells One Million Copies…

DC Nation Sells One Million Copies…

…And Action Comics 1000 Has Hit 500k Sales

♦ It looks like the splash DC have been making about Action Comics 1000 and the DC Nation 25 cent oneshot has paid off in a big way. Newsarama has the details…



DC Comics Co-Publisher Dan DiDio says retailer orders of the publisher’s upcoming DC Nation #0 anthology one-shot have reached the one million mark, which DiDio says is the highest selling single issue in his time with DC.

DiDio made the announcement Thursday during DC’s Retailer Only panel at Chicago’s C2E2 convention.

“If we can get one million of these into the hands of fans, that could change everything,” DiDio said.

DC nation, which previews changes in DC’s Justice League, and Superman lines – is priced at only $.25 cents.

DiDio also announced that DC’s other major spring release, Action Comics #1000, has reached orders of a half million copies.

Action Comics #1000 is due out on shelves 18 April, followed by DC Nation #0 on shelves 2 May

Newsarama DC Nation and Action Comics 1000 sales news

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