ECCC2018: Brian Michael Bendis On Reteaming With Mack And Gaydos

ECCC2018: Brian Michael Bendis On Reteaming With Mack And Gaydos

8 Things About Cover, Pearl and More

♦ Brian Michael Bendis just announced two new Jinxworld books he will be writing at DC and The Hollywood Reporter just chatted to him about them. Here’s 8 things we picked up from that chat…

1. The writer knew this was the right time to team up with Michael Gaydos again: “We’ve been slow-cooking this stew, because we knew we were going to do a creator-owned book together and then when the TV guys made Jessica Jones a pop culture icon, we knew that no matter what we were going to do, it had to be up there … What we sat down to do was make sure we were telling a tale that was unique and original, and at the same time had a character that I had never seen before doing things I had never seen before.”

2. He can’t say a lot about Pearl but he does give us a few clues: “We have a tattoo artist with a very special skin condition that will make the tattoos on her body very unique — and you’ll see in the very first issue what’s unique about her and the way she makes her tattoos and what her tattoos on her look and feel like. But it also tells the story of two people who are born in this situation that have grown up and find out they may be very different than the situation they were born in. I see this going on a lot lately, more than ever before, where people grow up and go “OK, I was born into this situation, but I really feel I might be a different kind of person,” and find a way.”

3. He got a lot out of working on this series: “I told him that I had a lot of research I had done on the Yakuza in America and what was happening to them. It also speaks to what’s happened to corporate America as well. It was an interesting way to talk about how the world works, but through this very unique organization and at the same time I had met some people, one person in particular, who was part of this world who was looking for any way out. And having long talks with them. Then Mike calls me up. “So, I bought a tattoo gun and I’m tattooing stuff to practice” and he found some stuff out about tattooing that made the book visually gorgeous and unique.”

4. The pair worked together on Jessica Jones but Bendis was keen to make sure that this was a very different book: “t’s a very different story, but it came from the same inspiration. Jessica herself is from the real world and real-world inspirations. I said if we do something together, it has to come from the same kind of inspiration, because people will know the difference. As soon as this fell into our laps, we were like “Yeah that’s it, we’re doing it.” We didn’t want to do ‘Here’s Jessica Jones at DC’ or ‘a Jessica Jones we own.’ We wanted to do something completely unique and different, with completely different visual touches.”

5. Pearl is a very romantic book, Bendis explains:”Very intimate. Very romantic. There are very few comics that are just flat out romantic, and to me romance is the most precious, dangerous thing and putting that in this world full of dangerous people, it’s the thing you most want to fight for, so she is going to have to fight for that which she didn’t know she deserved until it was in front of her.”

6. The genesis of Cover came about fairly organically: “David and I have been friends for many years and worked on many projects together, this is his first new creator-owned since Kabuki. … David is like my brother. He literally stays at my house. We were working on a book we were going to do next year, but he came over and told me a story that happened to him, and I’m like “well that’s our book.” And that’s the book we are doing.”

7. Bendis suffered a terrible health scare last year and it has put things in perspective for him:”Even going public with what happened to me, I don’t know if I would have done that. But I was supposed to be places and people were going to know I wasn’t there, so we wanted to tell the truth on what was going on. So we said, ‘Listen, something really bad happened.’ The outpouring was insane. It’s hard to even describe. … My wife actually had a health scare too. Now that we’re both better, [it’s like] we’re shot out of a cannon.”

8. It has also pushed him even harder as a creator:”The audience has showered me with appreciation and love, and I want to shower them back with work that I think that deserves what they already gave me, even though I know people would say they responded ‘because of the work you already did.’ But I’m neurotic so I can’t hear that, so I am going to tell you, “I appreciate the nice thing you did, so I’m going to do something nicer…”

Find the whole interview with The Hollywood Reporter here


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