Ed Brubaker Previews The First 10 Pages Of The New Criminal Series

Ed Brubaker Previews The First 10 Pages Of The New Criminal Series

Crime Still Pays

Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips’ acclaimed Criminal series comes back from Image this January and Brubaker just previewed the first ten pages from its first issue on his online newsletter so here they are…

Here’s what Brubaker had to say and then the pages themselves:

The last part of the year slipped away too fast. Between work and getting my friend’s kid’s cold (thanks baby Leo) I barely even noticed December… But before the holidays have come and gone, I wanted to send out a new preview of Criminal #1, which comes out in just a few weeks now.

I’m really excited to be back to doing a monthly comic again, and to be doing more Criminal, especially since the great response we got for My Heroes Have Always Been Junkies. And as you’ll see below, Sean and Jake have really been knocking the art out of the park, if that metaphor makes any sense. Our first issue is double-size, so I decided to just show you the first ten pages, which is about a quarter of the issue. This is one of my personal favorite things we’ve ever done, partly because it has a few layers of story wrapped around each other, a small part of which you can see here… 

Criminal#1 preview www.tripwiremagazine.co.uk

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