A Few Snippets From Episode 15 Of Star Trek: Discovery

A Few Snippets From Episode 15 Of Star Trek: Discovery

Fighting To Save The Federation

♦ CBS All Access’s Star Trek: Discovery ends its first season this Sunday on CBS All Access in the US and Netflix in the rest of the world on Monday. Here’s the cast and crew offering a few choice clues about the season finale from TrekMovie.com via the New York Post and a few other places and a little clip from it. Warning: possible spoilers if people haven’t seen episode 14 yet


Speaking to the New York Post, co-showrunner Aaron Harberts spoke about Tyler in the finale:

“Tyler makes a pretty big choice during the finale that makes sense for where he’s at…”

Tilly will be integral to finale

Speaking to the official Star Trek site, actress Mary Wiseman said this about the finale:

Well, we are going to have to deal with this war that we have just phased back into, what is it, nine months later? So, we have to figure out what we’re going to do, because we’re losing and we have to do some really creative thinking to try to push through this. Tilly will be integral to that, and she’ll get to put her theoretical physicist/theoretical engineer hat on and help figure that out.

Burnham and Georgiou’s role reversal in the finale

Michelle Yeoh spoke about the relationship with the Emperor and Michal Burnham (via IndieWire)

“I think I see it almost like a role reversal right now, with Captain Phillipa Georgiou to Michael Burnham at the beginning where she was trying to instill humanity with Michael Burnham, and help her to think and believe that it is okay to feel emotions and be human. Captain Phillipa was the one who was teaching Michael Burnham. But now, it seems that Michael Burnham is the one who needs to help Emperor Georgiou find her humanity. You see her softening when she was fighting next to Michael Burnham — she feels like her daughter was there. So, I think this bond is never gonna go away from the two of them, and it will be interesting if in the future journeys, they can help each other find that again.”

Having fun on the Klingon homeworld in the finale

Yeoh also talked to Syfy about the finale, saying:

We’re going to KRONOS. [laughs] I’m so looking forward to it, because when we filmed that, we had a lot of fun. But it’s an important part of the story, but you’ll have to wait and see. It’s coming soon!

Season 2 will embrace the light

Aaron Harberts on season 2 (via NY Post):

“This was a show about war and has been a dark, dark tunnel and you have to go through the darkness to get to the light. ‘Star Trek’ ultimately is a show about hope, optimism, peace … It’s that spirit that we will be taking into Season 2.”

Tyler’s return in season 2?

Speaking to Verge, Aaron Harberts hinted that Shazad Latif will be back next season.

“Ash Tyler is still caught between two worlds. He’s had to put a lot of that aside, because there was a war to win. He’s going to have a lot to unpack when this conflict is over. As writers, we find his story super-compelling, and it would be a shame, just when we’re getting started, to stop now.”


The episode is titled Will You Take My Hand? and here’s its synopsis: With Georgiou at the helm of the plan to end the Klingon war once and for all, the U.S.S. Discovery crew struggles to fathom and tolerate her hostile tactics. Memories of past hardships are rekindled within Burnham.


This is the description of the show from online: Created by Bryan Fuller and Alex Kurtzman for CBS All Access, the story of “Star Trek: Discovery” begins roughly a decade before Captain Kirk’s five-year mission – as portrayed in the original “Star Trek” from the 1960s – and a century after the events of “Star Trek: Enterprise.” The series follows the crew of the USS Discovery as they encounter new worlds and civilizations, delving into familiar themes and expanding upon an incident that has been talked about within the franchise’s universe, but never fully explored.

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