Back to the Past: Favourite Dinosaur Movies (A Jurassic World Feature)

Back to the Past: Favourite Dinosaur Movies (A Jurassic World Feature)

With Jurassic World out this week, Tripwire asked our Facebook followers to name their favourite prehistoric, dinosaur movies of all time…

Garen Ewing “I really liked the original Jurassic Park, but Valley of The Gwangi and One Million Years B.C, are long-time favourites too.”

Mike Prior “Jurassic Park in my opinion is the best dinosaur movie made so far.”

Shane Chebsey “The Land That Time Forgot… Great pulp fantasy.”

Tim Pilcher Valley of the Gwangi because of Ray Harryhausen and it was the precursor to Flesh in 2000AD.”

Ian Culbard “In terms of most memorable for me, it would be Valley Of The Gwangi because of the scene where they lasso the T-rex. A truly accomplished feat of movie magic from Harryhausen.”

Mark Sutton “Jurassic Park (The first one) – because it was so amazing to see dinosaurs come to life as realistic as possible with effects and CGI. The Land That Time Forgot – this was an old favourite when growing up, its all dated now of course but back then it was ahead of its time…”

Louise Simonson “Jurassic Park.”

Alex Pourgourides “One Million Years B.C. The first dinosaur film I ever saw and the first to introduce me to the amazing talent of Ray Harryhausen.”

Ivan Brandon “…The Expendables!”

Ian Edginton “Valley of the Gwangi – cowboys AND dinosaurs! What more could you want?”

Steve Tanner “One Million Years BC – Ray Harryhausen, Hammer Films at their peak and Racquel Welch in a fur bikini.”

Jody Weitzman “I’m with Ian. Gwangi…for the same reason. Cowboys and dinosaurs and animation by Harryhausen.”

Mick Trimble “I’m surprised no-one has said the original King Kong, an amazing achievement for 1933.”

Alan Cowsill “I’ll second the original King Kong. Fantastic stuff with a great emotional core.”

Matt Zitron “I have to say my childhood was really affected by The Land Before Time. So much so that when I showed it to my son (who was blaise about all the death) I was tearing up.”

Walt SimonsonJurassic Park and the original King Kong.”


The Land That Time Forgot [DVD] [1975]

King Kong [DVD] [1933]

One Million Years BC [DVD] [1966]

The Valley of Gwangi [DVD] [1969]

Jurassic Park [DVD]

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