Monty Python Terry Jones’ Boom Bust Boom To Open in US

Monty Python Terry Jones’ Boom Bust Boom To Open in US

Python’s Feature Doc Getting US Release

♦ Bill and Ben Productions and Brainstorm Media announced today Terry Jones’ new feature documentary Boom Bust Boom, which shows the link between our unstable economy and how economics is taught. …

A mix of live action, animation, puppetry and song, Boom Bust Boom charts the ancient cycle of boom and bust and offers the world a solution. Boom Bust Boom opens in cinemas in the US on 11 March at The Village East Cinema in New York, followed by a release on iTunes and On Demand March 15.
A timely call to action, Boom Bust Boom investigates the worldwide economic crash of 2008, and how we can avoid another global collapse in the future. Analyzing the direct link between the unstable financial system and our reliance on mainstream economics, the film puts a spotlight on the mistakes of the past some politicians and central bankers would like us to forget.

Boom Bust Boom also features high profile advocates for change such as John Cusack, journalists Paul Mason and John Cassidy plus leading experts including the Chief Economist of the Bank of England, Andy Haldane, and Nobel Prize winners Daniel Kahneman, Robert Shiller and Paul Krugman.

The documentary is a result of a meeting between writer, director, historian and Python Jones and economics professor and entrepreneur Theo Kocken, Boom Bust Boom is co-written by Jones and Kocken and co-directed by Jones with son Bill Jones and Ben Timlett, AKA Bill & Ben Productions.

“I wanted to be part of this project as soon as I discovered economics students are taught crashes just don’t happen, ” filmmaker Terry Jones commented. Kocken continues, “Boom Bust Boom is a film about our inherently unstable economic system and proposes a simple idea – let’s adapt economics to human nature.”

Inspired by the film, students from Rethinking Economics (who also appear in Boom Bust Boom) announce a brand new current affairs and education website, launching in late March. Economy will be a rich mix of new and diverse content with a global perspective from comedy pieces and live event video to vox-pops, innovative social content, explainers, commentary plus art & illustration. With support from Boom Bust Boom executive producers Cardano Education, Economy is on a mission to change the way we think about economics and make it more relevant to people’s lives.

Bill and Ben Productions

Emmy Nominated Directors and Producers Bill Jones and Ben Timlett grew up together in southeast London, starting out in the industry as editors. In 1998 they formed Bill and Ben Productions to make short films and music videos, which swiftly developed to include feature film and feature documentary production. Over the years Bill and Ben have developed a unique and distinctive approach to storytelling utilizing a huge variety of techniques and media coupled with a clear vision to inform and entertain audiences.

Boom Bust Boom is their third feature as co-directors and co-producers. Other credits include A Liar’s Autobiography starring the five remaining members of Monty Python and Absolutely Anything, produced bythe pair in 2015 and starring Simon Pegg and Robin Williams.

Brainstorm Media
Founded in 1995, Brainstorm Media is a full service US film distributor and production company. A boutique with a strong base of strategic partners, it is widely recognized for its expertise in TV, VOD and SVOD and for its innovations in distribution and marketing.    Recent releases include Anders Morgenthaler’s The 11th Hour, PlantPure Nation, and Patagonia’s Jumbo Wild. Brainstorm Media worked with Bill and Ben previously, handling all North American distribution for A Liar’s Autobiography.

Boom Bust

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