Oni Press Launches New TV/ Film Division

Oni Press Launches New TV/ Film Division

tumblr_nn6eln2Vb11r67kz0o1_1280Oni Looks to Reboot its Entertainment Presence

The Hollywood Reporter reports that  Portland, Oregon-based publisher Oni is breaking ties with its long-time screen entertainment arm Closed on Mondays and is creating a replacement called Oni Entertainment using staff from its comic book publishing devision. THR cites “creative differences” between Oni Press and Eric Glitter, who runs Closed on Mondays.

“The creator-owned comics industry and its relationship with other media has changed dramatically in the last ten years,” said Oni Press president Joe Nozemack in a statement. “Expectations have evolved alongside the avenues available and we see a new world of opportunities available to our talented creators and their fantastic books.”

Oni Entertainment will not only pursue film and television opportunities for Oni-published titles, but will also look at video game and other avenues for adaptation and licensing. The new division will be run by Charlie Chu, a senior editor at Oni’s comic book division who worked for three years as a story department coordinator for 20th Century Fox. He will be assisted by a consultant named Jason Cunningham.

“With his current work in Oni Press editorial and his development past in Los Angeles, in Charlie Chu we have someone who is firmly with Team Comics and our creators, while also being able to navigate the evolving landscape of film, TV, online media and beyond,” said James Lucas Jones, Oni’s Editor-In-Chief. “His grasp of story and his intimate familiarity with comics, film, television and gaming culture make him a great comic editor and content producer and we know his talents will only continue to grow with new opportunities.”

THR states that Eric Glitter will remain involved on certain Oni adaptations already up-and-running, such as the film adaptation of The Coldest City.

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