First Reviews Are In For DC’s Doomsday Clock#1 Updated

First Reviews Are In For DC’s Doomsday Clock#1 Updated

Watching The Watchmen…Again

♦ DC’s Doomsday Clock#1 comes out this week and various other websites have reviewed it.Here’s our roundup of a few of the reviews…
















Over on IGN they were very positive about it:

While Doomsday Clock is the culmination of the DC Rebirth saga, it’s also a direct sequel to Watchmen. The latter part takes precedence in this first issue, which may disappoint readers hoping for Johns and Frank to dive right into the conflict between Superman and Doctor Manhattan. But it’s important that the creators prove they can capture the tone of such a hallowed classic. They show little problem managing that feat, nor in adding new and vital elements to the Watchmen universe. seemed to enjoy it too in their non-spoiler review:

There is also something more primal to it: Apart from some pages that do not fully take advantage of the nine-panel grid as a structure and the occasional panel that could be more dynamic, Doomsday Clock #1 is a stunning accomplishment. The question of whether or not it “should exist” may be the only significant thing hanging over the issue.

Polygon were pretty positive about it as well:

Oh, and Rorschach’s resurrection? Only three pages after revealing the goop-faced vigilante, Doomsday Clock #1 twists the character in a more interesting direction than those taken by any of the hundreds of masked, monologuing imitators that have come after him. So if you think you have a good handle on the premise of Doomsday Clock, trust me, a huge skeptic of it myself: You’re going to want to give Doomsday Clock #1 a try.

Newsarama were very upbeat too:

Where Johns exceeds Moore is in how much of a page-turner this issue is. Watchmen rewards slow and close readers of each panel, but never reaches a point where readers find themselves quickly devouring its issues. Doomsday Clock #1 is filled with dialogue and narration, but Johns’ skill in crafting a spectacle is second to none in the modern age of comics. This isn’t a mystery story and it isn’t perfect, but as the third act of an epic that began with Rebirth and continued in The Button, it’s hard not to get chills at the onset of this blockbuster comic. were even more gushing than the others:

Whether by virtue of the titans they’re standing in the shadows of, or by the pressure of living up to the legacies they’re attempting to build from, both Johns and Frank are at the top of their game here. The book is beautiful and worth studying, both for the plot and for the technicality of the storytelling — the nine panel grid is having a really good year at DC, that much you can be sure of.


So, is Doomsday Clock what you expect? Probably not. Will that surprise be welcome? That depends on where you stand on your own Watchmen based puritanism. But is it a meticulously crafted, well constructed comic? Absolutely.

The consensus seems to be pretty upbeat but it does have 12 issues to run so we shall be monitoring this closely over the next 12 months.

Tripwire will be taking a look at it ourselves later this week

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