Five New Faces Of Doctor Who: Who Will It Be?

Five New Faces Of Doctor Who: Who Will It Be?

Who Will Step Into The Tardis Next?

♦The new Doctor Who will be announced tomorrow and ahead of that, Tripwire’s new contributing writer Paul Neal with senior editor Andrew Colman considers five possible choices to take over from Peter Capaldi…

Here are five possible actors who could replace him

  1. James Nesbitt is an accomplished actor. He is not adverse to odd and strange characters. He Starred in Stan Lee’s Lucky Man. He also has an existing relationship with Stephen Moffat. He was pretty impressive in Jekyll written by Steven Moffat. Is it possible he has already had a word in his ear? He can do menacing and cool.
  2. Tom Ellis is simply too hip for words. He’s amazing as the devil in Lucifer and frankly would make an excellent Doctor. He has the ability to do dark, intense.
  3. Damian Lewis. Perhaps this could be considered a long shot. He is capable of being hero or villain with consummate ease, which is perhaps a necessary skill for any actor playing DR WHO. He now has a great deal of experience and he also has the sense of humour for the role as shown during his time presenting BBC’s topical news quiz Have I Got News For You
  1. Kyle Soller. Perhaps the dark horse choice. However his turn on “You, Me and the Apocalypse” proved that he could tackle genre fare with panache. He gave off a time lord vibe. He is a long shot because due to prior commitments he may not be available. He would do well as a Matt Smith type Doctor Who.
  2. Ben Whishaw. Who doesn’t love the guy? One of the best things about the run of recent Bond film. He exudes a kind of louche hipness in his role as the new Q. Because of the production schedule of the Bond movies, he could easily fit in a stint as the new Doctor.

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