Frank Quitely’s Kelvingrove Exhibition In Photos

Frank Quitely’s Kelvingrove Exhibition In Photos

Flexing His Artistic Muscles

♦Scottish comic artist Frank Quitely, who has been working for nearly 30 years now, has a huge exhibition of his work, Frank Quitely: The Art Of Comics, at the prestigious Kelvingrove Museum. We went up last week to check it out with the artist himself and here’s a few photos…

Frank Quitely Kelvingrove Museum

Here is the blurb from the museum/ gallery itself

Frank Quitely is the alter ego of Glasgow born artist Vincent Deighan. Deighan took on the mantle of Frank Quitely in his early career to hide his identity while he drew for the Scottish publication Electric Soup. Now the name Frank Quitely is synonymous with iconic characters such as Superman, Batman and the  X-Men. A world renowned artist in hot demand he’s currently finishing off the epic story Jupiter’s Legacy with fellow Scottish comic book legend, writer Mark Millar.
The exhibition at Kelvingrove will be the largest collection of his work ever displayed. You can get up close and personal with the painstaking detail in every iconic frame.  There will also be original artwork from titans of the comic book industry such as Frank Millar and Neal Adams as well as an original Batman comic strip by Batman creator Bob Kane. And of course the exhibition wouldn’t be complete without including the strip that inspired it all, The Broons!

The Art of Comics also shows influence and context for this genre from the historical, with the universal structure of the heroic myth and the Scottish tradition of storytelling, through to the modern, with current affairs and technological development. Alongside the comic art there are digital interactives where you can discover the process of drawing a comic page or create your own superhero costume and get your photo taken with Superman flying overhead!

All in all, this exhibition is sure to excite comic book fans of all ages! So don’t miss this exciting opportunity for a journey from Krypton to Kelvingrove and Gotham to Glasgow!

The exhibition runs until October. Visit the website for further information

Kelvingrove Museum Frank Quitely Exhibition

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