Go Behind The Scenes On AMC’s Humans

Go Behind The Scenes On AMC’s Humans

Walk Like A Synth

♦ Humans has just ended its third season on AMC in the US and here’s cast member Emily Berrington and the show’s movement director Dan O’Neill talking to Bafta Guru about how they create the synth movement for the show…

Here was a chat with Berrington from back in February about her role in the show too

Emily Berrington From AMC’s Humans Talks

This sci-fi drama series written by Sam Vincent and Jonathan Brackley is based on the Swedish award-winning drama `Real Humans’. The story is set in a parallel universe where technology is highly advanced and lifelike humanoids called Synths are the must-have machines for any household. Joe Hawkins decides to buy a Synth to help out at home, but his wife, Laura, feels uncomfortable around the humanoid. Elsewhere a widower tries to fix his malfunctioning Synth, Odi, who holds some precious memories of his late wife. The all-star cast includes William Hurt, Katherine Parkinson, Colin Morgan, Rebecca Front and Gemma Chan.

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