Greg Preston’s The Artist Within Book 2 Reviewed

Greg Preston’s The Artist Within Book 2 Reviewed

Getting To The Heart of The Artistic Process

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The Artist Within Book 2
Writer/photographer: Greg Preston
Red Oak Photography

Back in 2007, Dark Horse published The Artist Within Book 1, an amazing collection of photographer Greg Preston’s photos of creative people in their studios. It has taken him 10 years but he has self published a followup to that book with lots of new portraits that didn’t make it into the first one.

Greg Preston is a portrait photographer who can get to the very heart of the subject he shoots and so despite the fact that each subject here just gets one photo of themselves, every photo in here captures the spirit, essence and soul of the artist represented. Every chapter features a quote from every subject and an example of their work, which also gives the reader a flavour of their working methods and their style.

Preston has mixed up the portraits here too with some in monochrome and others in colour, which lends it extra variety. Alternating between full colour and grayscale is a a clever move. There are so many brilliant portraits here of such a range of giant talents that it is hard to pick out standout photos but Preston’s shots of movie poster legend Drew Struzan, illustrator-turned-fine-artist Phil Hale and Donald Duck artist Carl Barks are three that really stand out. I know of no other book that features Bill Sienkiewicz, Pixar’s John Lasseter, Jack Kirby, Gil Kane, Jim Steranko, Dave Gibbons, Brian Bolland, Al Williamson and John Byrne, to name just a few, all in the same volume.

For fans and aficionados of comic art, illustrators, animators and newspaper strip cartoonists, The Artist Within Vol.2 is a must-buy. For anyone who has been curious about how their favourite artists work, this needs to be on their bookshelves.

The Artist Within Vol.2 Reviewed

The Artist Within Vol.2 is available to order here

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