Happy 25th Anniversary Hellboy In Quotes

Happy 25th Anniversary Hellboy In Quotes

A Hell Of A Ride

Today is Hellboy Day, the 25th anniversary of the first appearance of Mike Mignola’s Hellboy, and here’s 25 Mike Mignola quotes taken over the character’s existence so far…

  1. “I’m in no hurry to do anything but comics and I’m in no hurry to do anything but Hellboy. I’ll do it as long as I can.” – Tripwire 1997
  2. “This is the first story I’ve ever done when Hellboy actually has to go out and save a friend of his [on Almost Colossus].”- Tripwire 1997
  3. “I want to do comics because they’re the one place where I can put my ideas on paper.” – Tripwire 2001
  4. Nothing goes away, it all gets thrown back into my head. There are certain miniseries there that are being scavenged, series that are never going to happen so I might as well pick out the good bits.” – Tripwire 2002
  5. “Every time I read something I go ‘ooh I want to do that!’ so there’s a lot. I feel like I’ve just scratched the surface of what I want to do.” -Tripwire 2007
  6. “Hellboy is in an extremely dark place, and where we go from that is still a very dark place, but it’s going to have a little bit different personality than what I originally intended,” he said. “It’s going to go really, really dark, and then it’s going to take a left-hand turn. So it’ll still be dark, but it’ll be a different kind of dark.”- ComicVine 2009
  7. “Well, I am unapologetically old-fashioned in my use of Gothic settings. Ever since I was a kid, when I read Dracula, I’ve just loved those kinds of places.”- bldblog 2011
  8. “Hell is my playground,” joked Mignola. “There are so many variations on hell, the last thing I want to do is say ‘I’m doing this mythology or version.’ Hellboy wandered all over the earth and he probably had adventures in every corner of the globe… So I wanted to continue doing adaptations of various folk tales and have Hellboy interacting with various cultural things and he’s going to continue to do that in Hell.”- Tor.com 2012
  9. “The more I see of the movie business, the less I understand about it. I have no idea what goes on with that stuff.” – Wired 2012
  10. “I was listening to the 8 billionth comment about H.P. Lovecraft and I said ‘Yeah, that stuff is in there, but I think that the bigger, fundamental structure of the Hellboy stuff came from pulp magazine guys like Robert E. Howard and Manly Wade Wellman. ‘” – 13th Dimension 2014
  11. “I’d been doing comics ten years at the time and I wanted just once at least to have done something that was made entirely out of the stuff that I wanted to draw. So I went into it creating something that, if it worked, I could continue doing it. I tried to make up what I thought would be my dream book but had no expectations that it would sell at all. I wasn’t really looking past the first 4 issues of the comic.” – Mental Floss 2014
  12. “It’s strange because on one hand I still think of Hellboy as my new project, but it is two-thirds of my career at this point.” – USA Today 2014
  13. “Yeah. I’m still the keeper and creator of the mythology, the big picture in all of these books. If we do stuff that deals with the history or the mythology or if we do stuff that deals with Hell — I’m the only one who knows how the hell-hell works. And I’m the only guy who knows all of the hyper-boring history and stuff like that. The more the books deal with that stuff, the more people have to check with me.”– Tcch Times 2015
  14. Hellboy in Hell, as originally conceived, was radically different than what I ended up doing. My thing of getting him off the world into hell was just so I could do these stories where he rambles around. But even by the end of issue five, I started realizing: “There’s this one big story we’re telling.”–The Guardian 2016
  15. “My idea was that he would just roam around forever and just have a good time…I was trying to get him away from all the crap that I’d heaped on this guy over the years. This will be his vacation. He gets to go to hell, which will be kind of a nice place, and he can just hang around and talk to fish [and] skeletons.”- LA Times 2016
  16. “I discovered Michael Moorcock in high school, and while I wasn’t really consciously thinking about Moorcock when I started Hellboy, I realized this kind of “doomed hero” thing that Moorcock did ended up having such a big influence on Hellboy.” – Chicago Review Of Books 2016
  17. “I’m surprised every day that people read these things. I never want to take that for granted.” -Nerdist 2017
  18. I’ve always thought that short stories were the best way to introduce somebody to Hellboy.” – io9 2017
  19. “Hellboy in Hell was was supposed to be a series with a lot of one- or two-issue stories, but it turned into what I didn’t want it to turn into: one big story. I restructured it a couple of times to be one of three books, and there was just a point where I realized that it’s here where our story comes to an end.”- The Verge 2017
  20. “I hate to say Mignola-verse. It’s spooky whenever use it! It’s certainly nothing I ever imagined doing, and the thing I’m most proud of — and I wish I could take all the credit for it — is the fact that it’s all happened very organically. The beauty of being able to do stories set in various time periods and stuff, they all work together really well. There’s still a lot of ground to cover.” – The Verge 2017
  21. “I read too much Michael Moorcock in high school, that’s what it is. I have that ‘doomed hero’ thing. He’s still got to take a beating.” –EW 2018
  22. ”I generally don’t use models. I like using photo references and I love doing architecture. One thing that I was/am much more interested in, especially as I got more towards the end of Hellboy series, was hell.” -Juxtapoz 2018
  23. “And I thank God for my wonderful editor [Katii O’Brien], who has to do all the heavy lifting. She does most of the dealing with the creators and stuff like that. I get to do the fun stuff.” – Geekandsundry 2018
  24. “The thing that’s caught me by surprise is that when you wrap up your big body of work and are suddenly free to do whatever you want…I didn’t think it would be as overwhelming trying to figure out what the hell I was going to do if I could do anything.” – CBR 2018
  25. “I had no idea that Hellboy would actually go anywhere—I was just at a point in my career, after 10 years of working for Marvel and DC, where I wanted to put something out there that was made up of all the stuff I liked. I certainly hoped it would work out but didn’t really expect it to. I had no real expectation of doing more than the one series. I never thought I’d still be doing Hellboy 25 years later.” – io9 2019

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