Happy Birthday, Frank Frazetta: A Letter From Frank Jr.

Happy Birthday, Frank Frazetta: A Letter From Frank Jr.

A Tribute To An Illustration Original

On what would have been Frank Frazetta’s 93rd birthday, here’s a letter to him from his son Frank Frazetta Jr, who runs the Frazetta Museum, courtesy of Heavy Metal…

My father meant the world to me. There’s no one else on earth like him. As the years pass, I realize more and more just how lucky I was to have a father like him.

When people visit the museum, many ask me, “What was it like growing up with a famous father like yours?” So on this very special day, February 9th, what better than answer this question for all those who did not have the privilege to meet this incredibly talented and humble individual, my father.

Regardless of his accomplishments, my father understood how precious each and every day was; what the true meaning of life really meant. His talent was a gift from above and he worked extremely hard to perfect it. His success never went to his head, and he was as far from self-centered as one of his status could be. He was a simplistic man, a great athlete, artist and human being. His family, the people closest to his heart, were the most important thing in his life. He woke up every day with a smile on his face, glad to have another day to live to the fullest.

I asked him one afternoon, “Hey Pop, if you had your choice of living to 100 years old in poor health or living to 80 in the best shape of your life, which would you take?”

Surprisingly his response was, “Give me those extra 20 years!”

Wow, that showed me how special every moment of his life really was. He could have bought anything his heart desired, eaten at the finest restaurants, traveled around the world, yet he was content with his 67-acre farm in the heart of the Poconos with his family and an occasional trip to the local camera shop or a bite to eat at the Chinese restaurant a few miles down the road. How wonderful is that!

And in closing, I just want to say to my father, who is looking down on us, his beautiful estate and magical artwork that hangs in our museum for the world to view:

“Thank you for everything you have given me. You’ve always been there for me and our bond was like no other. Your light guides my family and holds us together. And even now, years later, your strength, love and incredible talent continue to inspire me, my family and a world of individuals.”

Happy birthday, Dad.

–Frank Frazetta, Jr.

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