Happy New Year From Black Mirror

Happy New Year From Black Mirror

The Dark Heart Of Humanity

♦ Netflix’s Black Mirror is back today for a fourth season and here’s a message from the programme makers…

Here are all the details that Black Mirror producer and co-creator Annabel Jones revealed to The Independent:

Episode 1: Crocodile

Set in Iceland, the episode looks at a near-future where memories are no longer private and can be mined by other people. Sounds a bit like Season 1’s soul-destroying The Entire History of You – but for the fact that the earlier episode showed recordings of earlier, but the new one has the unreliable memories themselves on offer. Andrea Riseborough plays the main character.

Episode 2: Arkangel

Jodie Foster directed this one. Jones says, “It follows a mother who has a young daughter and faces that perennial question of how do you look after a child in an increasingly technical world; it taps into helicopter parenting…”

Episode 3: Hang the DJ

This is the comic alternate-universe, Nosedive-eqsue episode. “There’s quite a lot of sex in it,” so one to look forward to.

Episode 4: USS Callister

A big ambitious CGI romp, says Jones. The word epic is also thrown in. One to get excited about!

Episode 5: Metalhead

All Jones reveals about this one is that it’s in black and white – a real departure for the genre-bending Black Mirror.

Episode 6: Black Museum

Jones and Brooker again finish a season on a 90-minute film, like the excellent Hated in the Nation that concluded Season 3.

Jones calls the season’s closer “pure popcorn”, with “three stories in one,” that the viewer might well find “unrelenting.” Just how you want a much-anticipated season of Black Mirror to end…

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